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Greg Wagner
Greg Wagner Found Estuary Fishing In Early May to His Liking
Jennifer Wagner
Jennifer Wagner With One of Many Schoolies Taken On May 1
Richard McSpadden Reed
Richard McSpadden Worked Some Plug Magic At Middle Ground
Christopher Reed
Christopher Reed
and A Rainy Day Schoolie
David Rollend
David Rollend, Jr. With A
Maritime Academy Ship Schoolie
Sasha Boriakoff
Woods Hole Was Good to Sasha Boriakoff in May
Charles Mann
Charles Mann Always Seems
to Have a Way With The Fish
Mike Hogan
The Fog Didn't Keep Capt. Mike Hogan From Finding the Fish
First Good fish
The First Good Fish of 2006
Comes to the Katie G. in Onset
Mike Hogan
And A Bubble Gum Hogy
Did the Trick for Capt. Hogan
Steve and Dan Schoonover
Steve and Dan Schoonover
Compare May Schoolies
Jay Hayward
Jay Hayward Proved Once Again
That Bass Don't Mind July Sunshine
Jonathan Kolb
Jonathan Kolb With An Unusual Species From The Elizabeths
Jonathan Kolb
And The Real Thing
Without Sam's Help
Josh and Eric Mince
The Brothers Mince, Josh (left) and Eric, Are All Smiles About a Woods Hole Striper
Ed and Peter Schork
Eric Mince Shows Off a Nice Schoolie As Josh Works on His Own Fish
Josh Mince
Josh Mince Found A Boga-Grip Helpful in Handling a Bluefish
Don White
Don White Was Back At Work With The Fly Rod In Woods Hole
Don White
Don White Had Little Time to Rest With Blitzing Bass in the Hole
Bob Thomas
Monomoy Proved To Be A Good Spot to Introduce Bob Thomas to The Cape's Stripers
Jim Gould
Jim Gould Was Back to His Old Tricks Around Monomoy Again This July
Jim Gould
There's Nothing I Look Forward To More Than That Jim Gould Smile
Three Kolbs
Three Generations of Kolb's at Monomoy
Charles Mann
Charles Mann Continued His Run of Good Fortune at Monomoy
Mark Tenerowicz
It Was Monomoy Business as Usual For Mark Tenerowicz
Tim and Kurt Pawlak
A July Barnstable Harbor Striper Blitz Kept Tim (left) and Kurt Pawlak Busy
Stephanie Pawlak
Stephanie Pawlak Proved to Be More Than a Match for Barnstable Harbor's Stripers
William and Matthew Wallace-Gross
William Wallace-Gross and His Dad Matthew Were All Smiles About B-Harbor Fishing
Jake Trevino
Jake Trevino Proved to Be a Quick Study in Catching Stripers
Luke Trevino
His First Cast Produced His First Striper For Luke Trevino
The Murphys
Steve Murphy Showed Sons Colton (left) and Matt What Big Elizabeths Bass Are All About
Al Mushlin
Al Mushlin With One of Many Schoolies From a Waquoit Bay Event
The Toohey Men
The Toohey Men in Barnstable
Pete and Ed Schork
Pete (left) and Ed Schork Found A Lot to Be Happy About in Woods Hole
Pete and Ed Schork
Schoolie Heaven For Pete and Ed Schork on a Warm August Evening
Pete and Ed Schork
A Monomoy Doubleheader for Ed and Pete Schork
Pete Schork
Pete Schork Ended Things With a Fine Bass on a Topwater Plug at 2 PM
Victor Sokoholrsky and Nephew Sasha Boriakoff
Victor Sokoholrsky (left) and Nephew Sasha Boriakoff Proved That Poppers and Sunshine Will Work in August
Victor Sokoholrsky
Even While Hooked Up, Victor Sokoholrsky Had Time to Point To Where Other Fish Were Breaking
Jeff Hicks
Jeff Hicks and
His First Monomoy Bass
Jim Gould
Jim Gould Is a Master
at Monomoy Angling
Jimmy DiMatta
Jimmy DiMattia Shows
A Bluefish Who Is Boss
Andy DiMatta
Andy DiMattia Was Master
Over This Vineyard Blue.
Hailey Yetman
Hailey Yetman Worked Overtime and Is Quite Satisfied With Her Bluefish
Paul Mort
Paul Mort Was Up To His Old
Tricks Along The Elizabeths
John Francini
John Francini Works Diligently On A Nice Bass
The Captain Reaches To Do The Honors
The Captain Reaches
To Do The Honors
John Francini
And John Francini Poses Proudly With His Catch
Montauk Light
The Mecca - Famous Montauk Light From The Water
Lauire Thwaites
Laurie Thwaites Is All Smiles Over Her First Montauk Striper
Ladies bundled up
The Montauk Ladies All Bundled Up For The Wet Ride Back
Sandy Reid
Sandy Reid Celebrates A Solid Montauk Striper
Sandy and Lauire
Sandy (left) and Laurie With Just Two Bass From A Montauk Blitz
Ladies fly fishing class
The First Annual Ladies' Fly Fishing Class Convenes In West Falmouth
Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen With A Good Elizabeth's Fish
Nicholas Chen
But He Outdid Himself Catching and Releasing His Biggest Bass Ever
George Turner
George Turner Also Worked Some Magic With Eels For This Striper
Laurie Thwaites
A Nice Bass Makes For a Fine Woods Hole Morning For Laurie Thwaites
Thurman Gordon
Thurman Gordon Found Bluefish Willing To Take Flies in Waquoit
Don White
Not The Bahamas, But a Bluefish in Waquoit For Don White
Don White and Therman Gordon
Don White (left) and Thurman Gordon Do The Striper Tango
Mike Zinkus and Sasha Boriakoff
Mike Zinkus (left) & Sasha Boriakoff Celebrate Mike's First Forty
Don White
Sasha Also Had His Turn
With A Nice Fish
McCray family
Tracy Borletto and Bryce Borletto-McCray smile over a Barnstable schoolie while Brian McCray admires from afar
Bryce Borletto-McCray and Brian McCray have a lot to smile about on a beautiful day
Bryce Borletto-McCray and Brian McCray have a lot to smile about on a beautiful day
Tracy Borletto, Brian McCray, and son Bryce Borletto-McCray Found Fishing Barnstable a Good Reason to Smile
Tracy Borletto, Brian McCray, and son Bryce Borletto-McCray Found Fishing Barnstable a Good Reason to Smile
Mike Hogan
Capt. Mike Hogan with
a HUGE North Carolina Redfish
Kirk Klingensmith
Kirk Klingensmith With One of Many Monomoy Blues on a Bluebird Day
Gerry Fine and the Capt. Scan the Sky for More Action
Gerry Fine and the Capt. Scan the Sky for More Action
Jim Ross
Jim Ross and the Fish
Didn't Mind the Fog in Falmouth
Will Dallalis
Will Dallalis
and A Solid Islands Fish
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