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Captain Dave Peros

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Bud & Chris Coady
Bud and Chris Coady
Enjoyed a Fine Middle Ground Morning
Chris Coady
Chris Coady Found that
Blues Like Poppers at MG, Too
Dan Hickey
Dan Hickey With A
Well-Earned Woods Hole Striper
David Harrow
David Harrow hefts
a 20+ pound Middle Ground striper
Dan Donahue
Dan Donahue Ended His Trip in a Big Way
Donald White
Donald White Loves Fishing As Much As Anyone I Know
Paul Dalton
Paul Dalton Gave Up Some Sleep
to Fish Barnstable Harbor
Thurman Gordon
Warren Dalton Got the Season Off
With a Productive Trip to B-Harbor
Walt Nelson
Thurman Gordon and a Fly Rod Bass from Middle Ground
Ryan Kane
Ryan Kane Fought the Wind
and Waves for This Nice Bass
The Captain, Rob Kiphut, and Dave Drum
The Captain, Rob Kiphut, and Dave Drum
With A Fine Topwater Bass
Ron & Jason Sweeten
Ron Sweeten struggles to heft his 40+ lb. Bass while son Jason looks on.
Miles Clarkson
Miles Clarkson Displays
A Cuttyhunk Fly Rod Bass
Brian Knez
Brian Knez Found Eeling
the Elizabeths to His Liking
Dan Comte
Dan Comte Worked Some Monomoy Magic In 12 Inches of Water!
Simon Personette-Lee
Simon Personette-Lee
Proudly Displays His First Striper
Mike Campanelli
Mike Campanelli Found Sight Fishing With The Fly Rod A Blast
Joe Vezo
Joe Vezo's Sight Fishing
Efforts Paid Off Handsomely
Steve Greco
Steve Greco Proved to be a
Quick Study in Live Eel Fishing
Dave Driscoll
Dave Driscoll Turned Some
Last Minute Magic at Cuttyhunk
Walter Nelson
Walter Nelson With A Bonafide Monomoy Fly Rod Striper
Drew Knez
The Elizabeths Provided
This Fine Striper for Drew Knez
Bruce Ripley
Bruce Ripley Focuses
on the Task at Hand at Monomoy
Bruce Ripley
And Bruce is Rewarded
Handsomely for His Efforts
Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith Showed the Boys How
to Catch Big Fish at Middleground
Andrew Waldrip
The Captain and Andrew Waldrip
discuss casting technique.
Ben Waldrip
Everyone focuses on landing Ben's fish.
Ben Waldrip
Ben Waldrip and a Cuttyhunk beauty.
Matt Waldrip
A sunny hot July day provided this striper for Matt Waldrip.
The Waldrip Brothers
The Waldrip brothers at the end of a fine day on the water.
Robert Yetman
Robert Yetman does battle with...
Robert Yetman
and then displays a fine Monomy striper.
Robert Yetman
Robert Yetman with
a Monomoy fly rod bass.
Paul Mort
Paul Mort smiles for
a bass that equals a boat.
Riley Negronida
Riley Negronida Keeps An Arm's
Length Away From His Bluefish
Cole Negronida
Cole Negronida Is Quite Happy
With His First Striper
Grady Negronida
Grady Negronida
With A Topwater Striper
Grady Negronida
Grady Negronida Managed to
Best Dad Tim Again This Year
Cole and Riley Negronida
Cole (left) and Riley Negronida Are All Smiles About Stripers
Cat. Dave
The Captain at Work
Albies at Martha's Vineyard
Moses Alvarez
Moses Alvarez and
A Late Season Striper
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