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Captain Dave Peros

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Mark Tenerowicz
Mark Tenerowicz
shows off a bluefish smile.
Nicholas Reed
Nicholas Reed gets a
hand with his first fish.
Christopher Reed
Christopher Reed is all
smiles with his schoolie bass.
Les Satlow
Les Satlow left the best
for last on cold May trip.
Alan Ormesher
Alan Ormesher and an early
evening Barnstable striper.
Sam Kolb
Sam Kolb Found Plugging
the Islands Productive
Donald White
Donald White Went With
a Change-up to Take This Fish
Thurman Gordon
Thurman Gordon Was Only Too Happy to Display This Bass
Thurman Gordon and Don White
Thurman Gordon and Don White Do The Katie G. Two Step
Scott McClain
Scott McClain With A
Blue Destined for Dinner
Thurman Gordon
Thurman Gordon Had
the Magic Touch Today
Tim Negronida
Tim Negronida Admires
A Fantastic Monomoy Sunset
Tim & Jane Negronida
Tim Negronida Gives His Better Half Jane a Hand With A Nice Striper
Ed & Peter Schork
Ed (left) and Peter Schork With Dad's Nice Monomoy Striper
Ed and Peter Schork
Ed and Peter Schork With One of Many Monomoy Blues
Ed and Peter Schork
Peter and Ed Schork's First Bass Was Just the Start of Bigger Things to Come
Tim & Riley Negronida
Tim Negronida Is All Smiles As He Lends a Hand to His Son Riley
Griff Mann
Griff Mann
Worked His Magic at Monomoy
Mark Tenerowicz
Mark Tenerowicz
With A Sand Eel Friend
Griff Mann
Griff Mann and A Sluggo Fooled Chatham Bass
Peter Gould
Peter Gould
and His Best Fly Rod Pose
Peter Gould
Peter Gould and A Really Fine Specimen of a Striper
Jim Gould
Jim Gould Got Into the Spirit With His Own Photo Memories
Christine Gould
Christine Gould is All Smiles as She Works on Her First Fly Rod Blue
Andrew Gould
Andrew Gould Found Monomoy and a Fly Rod a Good Combination
Jim Gould
Jim Gould's Fine Striper
Was No Joke
Mark Tenerowicz
A Very Happy Mark Tenerowicz
With His Just Rewards!
Robert Yetman
Robert Yetman Puts
a Hug on an Exceptional Fish
Paul Mort
This Fish Should
Seal a Boat for Paul Mort
Davis Yetman
And Davis Yetman Showed
He Has the Touch As Well
Dave releasing fish
And All The Fish Swam Away
to Fight Another Day
Rich and Justin Mooney
Rich Mooney Watches
Son Justin Work on a Bass
Justin Mooney
Justin Proudly
Displays His Striper
David Glanzman
David Glanzman With
A Bass and A Beautiful Sunset
Rich Mooney
Rich Mooney Proves That
Nighttime is The Right Time
Alain Glanzman
Alain Glanzman
Works On A Fly Rod Bass
Alain and David Glanzman
Alain (left) and David Glanzman
With A Nice Brace of Bass
Alain and David Glanzman
What Captain Made Them Hold Their Fly Rods That Way?!!
Al Mushlin
Al Mushlin Found That Even
Schoolies Are Great on the Fly
Norm Stein
Norm Stein Worked Extra
Hard For a Few Stripers
Will Dallais
Will Dallalis and
His First Monomoy Striper
Gail Osgood
Pro Photographer Gail Osgood Wondered About This Pose!
Moses Alvarez
Moses Alvarez and
a Feisty Chatham Blue
Tom Colford
Tom Colford's Smack-Daddy
Did The Trick Again
Tom and Ed Colford
Tom and Ed Colford Found Topwaters and Cuttyhunk a Fine Combination
Paul LaFleche
Paul LaFleche and a
Member of a Schoolie Party
Richard McSpadden
Richard McSpadden Found A
Lot to Like About the Elizabeths
John Souza
John Souza Does
Battle With His Big Bass
John Souza
And Proudly Displays
The Results of His Work
Fish swimming
Is There a More
Beautiful Picture Than This?
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