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April 2010 Daily Fishing Reports

Friday, April 30: A Little Bit of Everywhere

A Bit Choppy

Despite winds gusting to 25 knots, Mike and I headed out of Green Pond in his new Pathfinder and covered lots of water without any success. Fay Road, Trunk River, Woods Hole, and up Buzzards Bay were spots we hit. Water was 49 degrees on the end of the outgoing. Heard from Gene that he and others were enjoying plenty of action with bluefish up inside Cotuit by the Narrows. Maybe the pogies have drawn them inside Cotuit and North Bays, but they should be out front as well.
Thursday, April 29: Mashpee and Bourne


Reports are coming in of bluefish up in Wareham and even Cotuit on the southside, but I didn't get a chance to check it out while working in Popponesset due to the gale force winds. Did try my local river, but no love despite water that looked more promising. Weekend is looking awesome and I can't wait!
Wednesday, April 28: Waquoit Bay and Bourne

Nothing But Wind

Joe Marcus and I gave it the old college try, sailing across Waquoit as the wind gusted, with the water 49 degrees and no fish to be found on an incoming tide. Despite moving to some inside spots in Bourne, the wind wasn't any more cooperative and we called it a day with cold hands and no fish to show for our efforts. Tautog fishing remains excellent and once the wind settles, there should be schoolies and larger bass everywhere.
Tuesday, April 27: Waquoit Bay

All Wet

Heard from Mike Thomas that he has managed five legal fish to 30 inches and several other sub-legals tossing plugs in the Agawam River and the Weweantic is fishing well, too. As for me, I tried Waquoit and managed to hook and lose my first schoolie of the year right at my feet, but I did find four leaks in my waders for good measure. Rumors of bluefish as well and Red Top checked in a 32-inch bass from around the Herring Run.
Monday, April 26: Bourne

River Still Quiet

Poked around a local river that I suspected would have a few schoolies, but it's still quiet. No sign of bait and water looked suprisingly dead. Heard fishing has definitely picked up in Wareham.
Sunday, April 25: Waquoit Bay

Double Dose -

Of nothing. How bad could it be, I had thought on Saturday? Well, Mike and I found after we launched his boat at Green Pond. It was a sloppy ride to Waquoit and all we managed was one swirl on his Hogy. Still, not bad, as the ospreys were out and there were some good schools of pogies around. But then the rain came and the winds picked up, making for an even more lumpy ride home. Took advantage of clearing conditions in the afternoon to hit another Waquoit spot with Gene, but no love, once again. Heartening news this evening, however, as Capt. Kevin Malone sent a photo of his first schoolie of the year. Proving once again that I need to upgrade my fishing finding equipment - in my head, that is.
Saturday, April 24: Falmouth

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Mike and I had plans to do some fishing after moving some stuff and doing a few dump runs from his house, but it was sunny and nice, so I suggested he spend some time with Jaci and we could go fishing tomorrow. Sounds like it might be a little rainy, but that shouldn't be a problem. Took some time to visit a few shops and really enjoyed speaking with Dick Hopwood at Maco's; he's a great source of information about people and places around Buzzards Bay from days gone by, as well as the present. Tautog fishing is improving, but schoolies still a pick, at best.
Friday, April 23: Ashumet Pond

Idling Away

Spent a little time at the ramp breaking the new Honda in, idling away 45 minutes and drinking a cup of coffee. Watched an angler trout fishing, but he spent more time on his cell phone than tending to his line. Wonderful devices, cell phones, but I like to turn mine off when I'm fishing or at least check numbers before answering. Then again, I have dumped two overboard, so maybe I have unresolved issues with them - especially on a boat!
Thursday, April 22: Cotuit

Just Looking

Stopped to see what was going on around Cotuit, but didn't wet a line. Things slow around there from all reports, but Mike Thomas said they have caught a few small fish in the Agawam. No word on squid either, but the draggers are out there in the sound. Wonder why anyone hasn't figured out that catching the adults inshore where they spawn might not be a good idea? I guess it's the same with protecting the stripers while foregoing limiting the number of pogies, herring, and other forage fish that are taken commercially.
Wednesday, April 21: Megansett

One For Mr. Bourque

Heard from Gene that he got his first fish in Megansett, covered with sea lice and obviously a fresh fish. He also heard of a schoolie taken in West Falmouth. So far, no love for me closer to home, but the wave certainly seems to be coming from spots to the west.
Tuesday, April 20: Bourne

No Luck

I think the trees blooming so early and the generally good weather has so many folks thinking that the fish should really be around in good numbers, but the water is still cold and normally we really don't see a good push of fish until late April or early May. Ergo, I think the fish will do what they want. Of course, that didn't keep me from tossing in a few casts in my favorite river, with no results. No signs of bait, either.
Monday, April 19: Bourne

Nippy Mornings!

Talked to Mike Thomas today and he said there was nothing to report over the weekend from the rivers in Wareham, although he did say there have been some stripers caught in Mattapoisett. Problem right now is cold nights make for cold morning water in the mid- to high 40's and it's not until later in the day when it begins to hit the magic 50 degree mark and slightly above. Tautog are even a little slow, but I'm hoping that I have something to show off tomorrow night!
Sunday, April 18: Bourne

Rain Drops and Lazy Old Men

Gene called to say he was going fishing mid-afternoon and wanted to know if I wanted to go along. I had packed everything for the flats skiff in my truck and was going to splash her and do some prospecting myself. But the connection to the chartplotter was missing and one of the three prongs on the plug for the trolling motor somehow had disintegrated. Bummer! So, instead I went for a cup of coffee and thought I was pretty smart when the rain came cold and steady as I drove home. Oh, and Gene told me he and three other anglers had no luck in Cotuit despite a good outgoing tide.
Saturday, April 17: Bourne

Old Age Is No Fun!

Managed to pull a calf muscle today while officiating a basketball game. Had gone through two games already when midway through my final one of the morning, it was like I was shot in the leg. I knew I had a slight pull from working a lacrosse game earlier in the week, but this was way more than a twinge. Seems like every year, I say I am going to go back to exercising, even if it is just walking or easy biking. But after a day on the boat, the last thing I want to do is exercise. Maybe there's some way to mount a stationary bike in the front of the leaning post and I can my riding in between helping folks catch fish? Then again, I might be losing my mind just as I am losing the indestructibility of my youth!
Friday, April 16: Bourne

Foul Weather and Foul Mood

Don't know if you have been following along, but after hearing disconcerting news from their Technical Committee, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Striped Bass Board took a logical step - come with a plan to increase commercial catch. As the scientists pointed out, with five years of well below average reproduction, the new threat of Mycobacteriosis infection in a large percentage of the Chesapeake population, and an acknowledged inability to keep track of poaching, caution should be the keyword given that striper fishing will continue to decline for the next five years at least. But caution be damned, let's go all ahead full and kill them all - and then cry when the next crash is upon us!
Thursday, April 15: Bourne

Tax Day - Enough Said!

Paid the fiddler and hoped to hit the water, but winds came up and went home and tied some Clousers instead. This year, I'm going to avoid the old habit of tying the new secret fly and stay with the old reliables. At least that's my story and I'm going to stick with it.
Wednesday, April 14: Mashpee

Sunshine and Windburn

Cape Codders pretty much accept that we don't have a spring, but so far April has been as close to what other folks experience as we get. The trees are blooming early and it is pretty darn warm by mid-morning. In fact, I already have a bit of sunburn from working on a roof with my brother and he reported that when the wind came up yesterday, it left him pretty red faced. From my vantage point from a roof in Popponesset, the water looks like it has some life in it, with greens far more prevalent than the steel blue a month ago. Drove by Bournes Pond today as well and it looks like there are two troughs or channels now with a bar in between. I need to study it more, but it looks like it might be tougher to access the main channel, although the slough you have to wade through might be shallower than it looks. Every winter brings changes to structure along the sand beaches of the southside and some scouting is always in order, especially if the alterations impact where the fish might be.
Tuesday, April 13: Buzzards Bay

Fish in Westport, But No Love Closer to Home

Talked to Tim Folan who said he went out this morning and checked Megansett and Squeteague Harbor, but nothing to report. Cold nights have water temperatures pretty cold in the morning and a key right now is to find spots that are shallow and warm up during the day. Throw in an early afternoon outgoing tide with water moving off the shallows and you have a good chance at finding conditions that will produce some activity. With fish in Rhode Island and around Westport, should be any day.
Monday, April 12: Nantucket

No Signs of Fish From the Air

Took a flight to Nantucket to referee a lacrosse game and it was absolutely beautiful. As much as I love the Cape, there really is something special about the island. Frankly, if you really want to appreciate the prevalence of water around the Cape and islands, there is nothing like an airplane trip to give you a real appreciation of the magnificence were are surrounded by. That said, it would be nice to have a few schoolies around to make these waters even more magnificent!
Saturday, April 10: Bourne

What Gives?

This report covers both days this weekend, and I have to admit that I am a little surprised by a lack of fish in the rivers in Wareham. Mike Thomas at M & D's admitted that he didn't encourage people to look for schoolies yet despite the good weather as holdovers are very scarce and new arrivals are filtering into Rhode Island.
Friday, April 9: Bourne

Bass Rumors = No Fish

Still just rumors of a schoolie here or there, but no confirmed, reliable reports. Plenty of herring and a crafty old Cape Codder told me he has been catching white perch as well. Funny that folks really pay little attention to them here, while on Nantucket they are pursued by a small group of anglers with great fervor. I'm counting on a fish tomorrow if the wind settles and the warm temperatures predicted happen; the late afternoon might be key.
Thursday, April 8: Mashpee

Winter Storms Bring Big Changes

I took a break from work to walk the spit in Popponesset and there has certainly been some serious erosion thereabouts, as well as around Succonesset Point. As usual, there have been attempts to control the loss of sand, but generally it has been futile. It might just be me, but there appears to be a distinct bar forming in front of the New Seabury condos. Might be good for the shorebound crew, but boaters might have to give it a little respect, especially around low tide. Still no super exciting saltwater news, but the freshwater bass are getting very active, especially in some of the shallower kettle ponds. Just might take Mike Hogan out for some Hogy flippin'; at the very least, it will make for some interesting looks when we show up with a flats boat among all the glitter bass boats!
Wednesday, April 7: Bourne

Katie G Is Home

Installation of jackplate and new Honda 50 on the Mitzi has me revved up and ready to hit the water. Mike Thomas said that the holdovers in the Agawam and Weweantic were pretty much wiped out by the ice in the rivers this winter, but I'm thinking that by the first of next week, there just might be some scouts around. At least it makes for a good excuse to put some hours on the motor before heading for Florida.
Tuesday, April 6: Ferry to the Vineyard

Visions of Stripers

Had to catch the ferry to the island to referee a lacrosse game and what a perfect day it was on the water. The current was pulling hard in the Hole and I kept looking at each ledge and rip with thoughts of bass on my mind. Plenty of herring around and water temperatures around 49 have a lot of folks thinking that we are going to have an early season. Reports of squid south of Nantucket as well have me hoping for a banner year at MG and the sounds, as well as the Hole.
Monday, April 5: Bourne

Bass in New Jersey, sooo . . .

The great weather continues and with solid reports of school bass and blues in New Jersey, is it possible we might have an early season? Not likely, as the water is still pretty cold and the arrival date of our first fresh schoolies is pretty consistent around the upper Cape. The flats skiff will be ready tomorrow and I'll probably poke up inside Cotuit or Wareham later this week if the weather holds, but I really don't have any great expectations. Stan Kuzia told me there are sand eels in the Canal and a few small pollock have been caught, so maybe we are getting a few rewards after such a tough early season in 2009.
Friday, April 2: Bourne

Herring, Ospreys, and Sun

The big word at the basketball league I referee was the presence of herring in a number of runs around here. No great numbers yet, but somehow getting a look at the renewal of life in the spring has folks thinking of the striper season to come. Gene Bourque told me he went up to the Agawam River today; along with the Weweantic, these two rivers in Wareham are traditionally good early season spots. Unfortunately, there were no fish to be had. Bruce Miller at Canal Bait & Tackle in Sagamore said it was a tough season for holdovers in Scorton Creek and Barnstable Harbor, with all of the ice and very cold water. That said, with the flats boat ready for the water, if this warm stretch continues, I will be up inside Cotuit around Prince Cove, as well as the marshes on the northside hoping to find a few mud puppies.
Thursday, April 1: Bourne

Trout Fishing?

Well, after a period of heavy rain that has filled all the ponds and with the state having done some serious stocking, I am almost considering taking a fly rod down to a local water and give dredging some nymphs a shot. The weather is supposed to be great this weekend and I sure could use some time in the sun. For what it's worth, I went through the registration process with NOAA for both boats and found it both quick and painless. When you are fishing with me, you don't have to worry about a registration, but you do if you are fishing on your own and you are fishing for anadromous species, which include stripers, or in federal waters. There is no cost and registration can be done on line.

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