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August 2010 Daily Fishing Reports

Tuesday, August 31: Sounds and Buzzards Bay

A Lot of Casting For Not A Lot of Fish

Evie Frost and her grandson, Sam Dindl, paid their annual visit to the Cape and the fish definitely were not cooperative. A perfect outgoing tide at Waquoit never paid off and Buzzards Bay, both up and down, was very quiet. Sam was on his game with the casting, but we only managed to connect on Naushon toward the end of the day, with a bass taking a Zoom before cutting us off on the rocks. I think I might need a change of venue.
Monday, August 30: Robinson's

Really Fun Time

Had a blast this morning fishing with Ruth Anderson and Michael Beebe, who brought their friend, Freddy Cobey, for her first shot at tossing plugs for blues. The fish were cooperative on the turn in Robinson's and we had some great action, but then things just went quiet. Tried some other spots and had a few swirls, so it was good that we got a few fish bled and iced early on.
Sunday, August 29: You Name It

What Gives?

Long day on the water for very little action. Went out in the morning with Joe Marcus and we went up Buzzards Bay looking for funny fish. Found a few off West Falmouth on our return trip and had some casts right into them, but as seems to be the story this season, we never came tight. This has to be the season of the fussiest albies and bones I have seen in a number of years. Checked out a number of likely looking rock piles in B-Bay and there was a ton of bait up by the Maritime Academy, but only found small blues. Finished by working one of my favorite Naushon locations and Joe was masterful in swinging a white Deceiver that produced a few schoolies. Lot of weed in the water and a large, red algae bloom in the bay. My evening trip was even less successful; the plan was to find some topwater blues for Rob Leva, his son, Justin, and his friend, Marcus Blanchard. It would probably be easier to say where we didn't go, but suffice it to say that other than one fish at Cape Poge, we went empty. Had a few swirls on Zoom's at the mouth of Waquoit Bay, but actually spent more time avoiding folks coming out under full throttle.
Saturday, August 28: Cuttyhunk

A Good Start . . .

But a less than stellar finish. Spent the night tossing eels on Cuttyhunk with Mark Roberts and Roger Summons. Good tide and some very nice wave action and swells, and when Roger connected on a decent fish on his first cast, I was thinking that we are onto something. That was wishful thinking, as we had some more bumps and Mark picked up a smaller fish under the bass club, but overall another unbelievably slow night along the Elizabeths.
Friday, August 27: MV/The Elizabeths

Wind From All Directions

Had hoped to get out with Michael Beebe to see about albies in Buzzards Bay, but with a nasty northwest wind kicking up, once we looked around Penzance, we elected to go to the Vineyard instead. Lot of whitecaps and boats, with the funny fish moving fast and not providing many decent shots. As always, they managed to pop up upwind and with the breeze blowing off Michael's wrong shoulder. Left to find bluefish in Lackey's and it was a lot of fun seeing the little ones blasting a Gurgler. No let up in the wind for my night trip with Dave, Judi, Marissa, and Mitchell Hom, but this time it was out of the southwest. Pretty interesting right down the bay until we hit the lee in Robinson's. Marissa and Mitchell had fun with the small blues raising around, but despite our best efforts to entice some bass with eels, we had only one brief hook up and run that came up empty. One of the highlights was seeing the moon rise over the islands, just when Mitchell asked where it was. Ride back was much better, although it was still a bit lumpy. I suspect that Cuttyhunk may be the only salvation at the moment for action on bigger bass willing to take eels and big plugs.
Thursday, August 26: Barnstable Harbor

A Fortuitous Moment

Fished to day with Charles Garland, his son Oliver, Hilary Nolan, and Charles' friend from England, Gary. Left Sandwich in hopes of finding fish off the east end, but no luck. Wind out of northwest was pretty still and there were still swells in the bay. Moved to Barnstable where we encountered a schoolie blitz along west bar, with the fish right up against the shore. Wind kept stiffening and I was discussing the thought of quitting early and getting together on another day, especially with whitecaps on the flats. We had seen the charter boats of BH hooking up jigging and trolling umbrella rigs, but at the very moment of my offering the aforementioned option, a small boat angler drifting live eels picked up a really nice fish, so we tried to get deep with Hogy's on jigheads, but only managed one schoolie - and then the wind died. It was off to the shallows where we picked up some decent bass on fly and plastics and continued to pick up fish here and there. Ended up being a gorgeous day, although the water was still pretty murky. Headed back to Sandwich just as the wind started to come up southwest and almost ran over a sunning blue shark. After seeing Hilary do his thing with the fly rod, I think Oliver is sold on the idea.
Wednesday, August 25: Basement

A Glimmer Of Sun

Finally saw a little break in the weather towards the end of the day, but still not enough to get out on the water. Took the time to tie up some more funny fish flies as the thought of albies in Buzzards Bay has me recalling last season, an epic one to say the least.
Monday, August 23: Around And About

Shut Down By A Summer Nor'easter

Definitely a wild and wet day, one that had me doing dump runs and tying flies. Heard from a number of sources that there are albies off of West Falmouth and Old Silver Beach. They were seen getting air by Scott Carpenter on Saturday as he was headed offshore and Tim Folan also said that they were spied on Sunday. I can't wait to get out and see them and, hopefully, catch them when things settle down.
Sunday, August 22: Martha's Vineyard

Rocking And Rolling

Sandy Reid and I braved some pretty rough stuff to visit Martha's waters as the wind came up much earlier than we expected. Still, there were funny fish in the chop and we had some shots, but flyrodding was very tough and Sandy did a great job of getting the fly on the fish, but we never got tight. Heard there were some bonito and albies around Poge, but we never ventured that far and elected to head home once things quieted around State Beach.
Saturday, August 21: The Elizabeths

An OK Morning, But An Empty Night

Fished the islands with Keith Ashmus and his nephew Elliot and things started out quite well, with some schoolies and blues on the backside of Naushon on topwater plugs. Blues were running about in Robinson's and provided some fun, but the action slowed from there. Keith had a nice bass swirl on a stick bait on Nashawena, not once, but twice, yet there was no solid take. Also plugged Cuttyhunk, but failed to raise any other fish. With a good moon, I had high hopes for a night trip with Tom and Braden Tierney and the ride down the sound was a good one. After a few bluefish chops, we headed farther down the islands, only to find the wind picking up from the south, continually pushing into the rocks and making it tough to keep contact with the eels. Things got so tough we moved to the bay, where we had no luck whatsoever despite working Nashawena, Cuttyhunk, and even Penikese. Things just have to look up along our local archipelago, don't they?
Friday, August 20: The Elizabeths/MV

A Day That Wasn't

One of those days when just when you think things are going to shape up, not so much. Gerry Fine was aboard today and we started out along Naushon where we had bait and fish despite a stiff wind, but they weren't cooperating and split. After a lumpy ride to Robinson's, there were small blues popping bait and we fed them some flies before working a patch that had been holding bass. Sure enough, it certainly seemed like they were there as there swirls everywhere. After throwing Clousers of all types, Deceivers, shrimp patterns, Gurglers, and the kitchen sink, we never had a take and I'm embarrassed to say that maybe we were casting at a school of pogies, although they sure seemed like bass. Zipped across to the Vineyard and caught the tail end of some funny fish action at State Beach, but no takers and some of the best opportunities were blown up by folks charging up on the fish. I always presumed that non-locals were to blame, but there certainly are a lot of Vineyard folks who like to bang the throttle and then reel like madmen. Found some scattered bluefish and albies around Poge, but the only time we came tight before calling it a day was at Middle Ground, where a bluefish avoided becoming dinner after whacking a sand eel Clouser.
Thursday, August 19: Naushon

Evening Special

Afternoon southwesterlies began to fade as Jeff Leiden and I went out for some flyrodding. Had a number of bumps and swirls in Robinson's, but couldn't connect; fish were active for a brief time, a typical event in the holes as there are brief spurts of activity as the tide moves along. Managed a fish at Alcatraz, but quit as the tide died. Perfect sunset and ride back to the Hole, with a touch of the approaching fall. Also heard from Gene Bourque that he reacquainted himself with Morone Saxatilis with a good trip to Barnstable yesterday and some big albies are showing at the Vineyard. With a ton of bait, including decent numbers of peanut bunker, up in Buzzards Bay, we can hope that this year is as good as last when things went bonkers from late August well into September.
Wednesday, August 18: MV/The Elizabeths


Spent a long day on the water, fishing the long first shift with Rob Marquis and the night shift with Rick Drapeau. Lots of small blues around today, both along the islands and on the Vineyard, which showed up at the latter after the funny fish action slowed. Also managed a number of schoolies along Naushon to topwater plugs. The level of fish activity around State Beach and Edgartown was improved, but we could never come tight. Both bonito and albies in the mix and some of the shows lasted almost half a minute or so. Finished at Middle Ground where there were both bass and blues willing to hit Hogy's. The goal with Rick was to find some big bass on eels and it was a perfect night to make a long run. No bugs and we had immediate issues with blues chopping the snakes, but the mission was accomplished with a real nice fish that Rick hooked and fought masterfully. Although that was the only bass of the night, it was a start to what I hope is improving fishing along the islands.
Tuesday, August 17: Martha's Vineyard

Fussy Fish

Despite what looked to be decent shots shaping up, it was no luck for Rick Drapeau and I this morning. After delaying a bit to let the nasty weather pass, we launched to light rain, grey skies, and southwest winds. Immediately saw schools of funny fish off of State Beach, but it became painfully clear that dealing with boaters was going to be as much of a problem as was getting the fish to eat. On at least two occasions, we were to be rewarded with happy fish that were staying up when a gunner charged in and put them down. Can you say . . . well, you get the picture. On the one occasion that Rick came tight, it ended up being a blue that had the Maria jig perfectly in the corner of the mouth. Sure hope some numbers of albies show up over a wider range because there are way too many boats for far too few fish.
Monday, August 16: The Homefront

Crazy Weather Continues

Blew pretty good today, keeping me off the water. Heard from Michael Beebe that there were bonito and albies over on the Vineyard, but they were up-and-down far too quickly to get a good shot with the fly rod. Generally, folks seem pretty discouraged by the fishing in the sounds. Ton of bait in Buzzards Bay, so hopefully the funny fish will show there soon. Tied some Bonito Bandits, Albie Whores, and Monkey Brains - you have to love fly pattern names!
Sunday, August 15: MG/MV/ and The Elizabeths

A Bone, But Otherwise Bare

The plan was to try for bonito with Nathan Porter and his friends, Ben Mecham and Dan Foley. First off was a visit to Middle Ground where I had received a tip that there were some bass there, but we found nothing before heading towards Edgartown where the funny fish were yesterday. Sure enough, there were schools around and we had some pretty good shots, with Dan scoring his first bone. Watching for bird activity was key, but I was surprised we didn't connect while blind casting. As always, a few knuckleheads around running right up on top of the fish and then wondering what happened. When the funny fish action scattered, we tried to pick up a bass or two down the islands, but only managed one schoolie and a tautog on eels. The last several days have been very slow on bass for this captain and I am convinced that a change of venue is in order if I want to get back into the stripers. Stay tuned.
Saturday, August 14: Waquoit, The Hole, and MV

What's That Smell?

Well, a good skunking, as Joe Marcus and I found little to like about another day of east winds. Following a visit to the Hole which had promise early, with terns on bait and a few small bass showing, but no love, it was off to Waquoit where there were a few small blues but no funny fish. So it was off to the Vineyard, where there were albies and bonito popping up here and there, but good shots were few and far between. Alas, we took solace in coffee at Starbuck's and made plans to give it another shot soon.
Friday, August 13: The Elizabeths

Nothing Unlucky Here

Today was an introduction to saltwater fishing for Benjamin Schneider, who joined his dad, Ben, for some casting experience. Things were a bit slow, but Benjamin connected on a schoolie along Naushon that your fumble fingered captain managed to drop before a photo. No problem, as the father-and-son team found a few more schoolies in Robinson's before calling it a day. And I have new nickname, courtesy of Benjamin: Big Pants, in honor of my orange bibs. Gotta love kids!
Thursday, August 12: MV/The Elizabeths

Who Threw The Switch?

East/southeast winds made the islands very quiet for Charles, Isabel, and Pierce Garland today. Started off Waquoit where there were a number of small blues in the rip willing to smack topwaters and then hit the Vineyard. There were bonito around off Oak Bluffs and down along State Beach, but other than a few longer shows, they were moving and grooving. Key was watching the birds, sometimes a single tern, that gave away where the fish were. Towards slack, went down along the Elizabeths and hit spots that were hot earlier this week, but no love. Didn't manage to raise even a single schoolie in numerous boulder fields with topwaters and soft plastics. Hope this cooler weather gets rid of the hellacious bugs that have made night fishing unbearable.
Wednesday, August 11: The Hole and Elizabeths

Wind Shift and Slow Fishing

The wind swung around to the north this morning and the fishing slowed accordingly. Ruth Anderson picked up a schoolie on a bunny/marabou pattern in the Hole, but it never shaped up on the incoming. Michael Beebe picked up a small blue near the flag pole house that decided to jump out of the water and slash my finger. I had my revenge as it went home in the bag as dinner for Ruth and Michael. We tried to get set up for shots at schools of blues down below Lackey's, but they were acting way too much like bonito. Jim Young reported that the bonito bite around State Beach has picked up, so we'll see tomorrow.
Tuesday, August 10: The Elizabeths

A Little Slower

What a difference a day makes; invited Michael Beebe to join me in hopes of a repeat of yesterday. There were a few bass rolling and we managed to pick up some dredging a fly deep, but it never really shaped up with a topwater bite on the incoming. There were also some big blues around again and small ones doing their bonito imitation inside Lackey's. In the evening, Mark Tenerowicz and Charles and Griff Mann found plenty of small blues on the fly and spin, but bass were pretty scarce. The Hole seems to have quieted down with no small squid around, while the blues were spitting up baby herring. The night eel bite was slow, although the bugs certainly were active.
Monday, August 9: The Elizabeths


Words can hardly describe the scene in Quick's today as Walter Nelson and Dave Johnson were able to experience what was the best blitz I have ever experienced along the islands. After working a rip line deep and hooking up on every drift, the place just erupted with bass, and many of them BIG bass, pounding bait everywhere you looked. These fish weren't fussy in terms of flies and my thumb is a pretty good indicator of how things went. Also had some good action in Robinson's on both tides, but I will be seeing and hearing the fish in Quick's in my dreams.
Sunday, August 8: Barnstable Harbor

A Proper Introduction

Got the chance today to introduce Davis Yetman to the BH flats - and what a day it was! Despite the wind that made seeing fish tough, we managed to drift some very productive water on the incoming tide and then hit the mother lode as it approached high. Fish were happy and milling about, charging the fly, with one particularly great take as the bass came off the bottom and slammed the bug as it hit the water. Great to be back on the Mitzi and on the poling platform - I never get tired of it, although my legs might not agree!
Saturday, August 7: Woods Hole and The Elizabeths

The Daily Double

A beautiful morning and no boats greeted Sandy Reid and I in the Hole - and there were fish as well. Sandy still has her casting mojo despite limited time on the water and picked up bass on both tides. Lots of birds marked the schools, although the best spot we had was ruled out of bounds when a nice big Sea Ray type of thing ( I refuse to call them boats!) went aground on Middle Ledge as the birds and bass were going nuts. The night shift belonged to Michael Green and Jerry Fink, and after playing around with some very fussy bass in the Hole, it was off to islands for some eeling. Lots of smaller bass, but Jerry managed dinner and Michael had a big fish on that refused to play nice and cut him off in the boulder field. Absolutely surreal night with the Milky Way clearly on display with no moonlight to wash it out. Water temperature appears to have dropped and the fish just loved the eels, with a number of double hook-ups and up to five fish on one Wiggly.
Friday, August 6: The Parking Lot


A look at the radar had some serious weather over Long Island and headed to the Elizabeths, but wouldn't you know it? Seems like it fizzled out, but given the heavy weather lately, I guess you can't be too careful. As John Waring at Eastman's said, I need to get an iPhone with the weather radar app!
Thursday, August 5: The Dump

Not The One Offshore!

Another day on land had me making multiple dump runs, none of which made a day off the water any more enjoyable. The humidity was horrible and the traffic was bad as well. To make matters worse, I realize that carrying heavy objects is more of a challenge than I like to admit as the body gets older. Heard from Mike Issner that he caught some bonito off the beaten path and way from the madding crowd. Should be an interesting weekend at Hedge Fence and the Hooter!
Wednesday, August 4: On The Phone

What Are They Thinking?

It never ceases to amaze me that after descending on a location and hauling untold numbers of bass out of said area that folks will begin to grouse and wonder where the fish went! They seem to believe that stripers will magically replenish themselves. After the charter and recreational crew wiped out Squibnocket before the opening of the commercial season, leaving everyone to scratch for a few fish, it appears the commercials have managed to hammer what seemed like limitless schools off of Chatham and Nauset. When you do the numbers, however, with reports of 200 boats there, and if you go conservative and say each one gets 10 fish, well, then you do the math. Also heard the parking around Ryder's Cove is a mess, with more than a few temper tantrums. Around here, the wind has kept most folks off the water, but there are bass at night along the islands and reports of peanut bunker, so the albies shouldn't be far behind.
Tuesday, August 3: On The Phone

Lots of Wind

A good blow today had me making my phone calls early and got some good reports from Bruce Miller; he weighed in a couple of 50's and a number of 40's for folks fishing in Cape Cod Bay. Red tubes seem to be doing the trick. The Canal also continues to fish well, particularly on a west tide, with some nice fish up to 40 pounds this morning. Should be interesting to see what the winds do as far as pushing the funny fish in closer to shore, with the Hooter still the most consistent producing spot.
Monday, August 2: Woods Hole and The Elizabeths

Another Convert

My trusted fishing associate, Joe Marcus, was on board once again, along with David Tamlanson, a dedicated trout flyrodder and saltwater angler with conventional tackle. He had wanted to try salty flyrodding for a long time and he got a fine introduction today. Tons of bass in the Hole and they were very willing to take the fly, but as the day wore on and the fish became more picky, it became how important casting distance was. To his credit, David is nothing if not persistent and I suspect he will be working on the double haul and other mechanics in his sleep! Despite plenty of small bait along the islands, we came up empty thereabouts other than a school of surface feeding fish that Capt. Warren Marshall called us in on.
Thursday, August 2: Barnstable Harbor

Gotta Give Me A Hand!

The wind cooperated for one more day before Earl was expected and I got together with Ron Garcia and his son-in-laws, Scott Pew and Hoolie Wiese. Ron left most of the fishing to his guests, who proved to excellent fly anglers. Scott hooked into a big bluefish around the creeks that made several great runs before cutting off right at the boat - as usual. Moved over to Sandy Neck where folks were jigging up some nice bass, one of which ended up in our fish bag as it was released improperly and was floating on the surface, making for an easy catch by hand. Found a few bass on east bar and ended up with a fun time swinging flies and Zooms along Beach Point where schoolies were happy to oblige.
Sunday, August 1: Woods Hole

A Record Falls and A Champion Remains

Although I have had the pleasure of fishing with Paul Dallalis and his son, Will, on a number of occasions, today was my first time on the water with the younger sibling, Emma. Well, she and Paul proved to be worthy adversaries for the family fishing champion, staying even to 11-all, until Will put the hammer down and caught the last five bass of the day to hold on to his crown. The family total of 28 fish on this trip also bettered their previous best, so the day was certainly productive and a lot of fun as well.

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