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July 2010 Daily Fishing Reports

Saturday, July 31: Nantucket Sound and the Hole

Is Fall Here Already?

On our way over to Edgartown to pick up his daughter, Haley, and her two friends, Andy and Jimmy DiMattia, Davis Yetman and I talked about how it felt like fall was coming early this year. Beautiful morning and a fast trip across the sound and we had the kids aboard and ready for our first stop at Wasque where some blues came up on the bottom of the tide, but were soon scattered by boats running on them. MG had some birds working, mainly on what looked like small blues, and then we hit the Hole for some schoolies and a tautog on a Sluggo. Go figure. After dropping the kids off back on MV, it was a lumpy, slow ride back to Falmouth. All in all, another great kids' trip. Heard from Chuck Eastman that he was out at the Hooter today and picked up ten bonito trolling Yo-zuri DD Crystal Minnows. Purple back was the color of choice. Hopefully more of the bones will push inshore over the next week or so.
Friday, July 30: The Islands

The Hole On Fire!

Double trip today and Woods Hole was at its best! Had Peter Jenkins of The Saltwater Edge and his dad, David, out for some birthday fishing for the latter and the birds were going crazy of schools of bass everywhere you looked. Peter did a number with the fly rod and David found Sluggos on jigheads very much to his liking. Beautiful morning and some very cool cloud formations; even felt a little bit like fall in the morning! The afternoon shift got off a little slow for Mark and Kelly Howarth as we struggled to find anything of life along the Elizabeths, but once again WH came through. The fish and birds might have been even thicker than the morning, but so was the wake and boat traffic!
Wednesday, July 28: Woods Hole

Persistence Pays Off

Today was one of those mission trips, with a specific goal in mind. Jon Kolb was back aboard and joining him was his brother-in-law Mike Dalrymple, who has been waging a long battle with a serious illness. Over the years, Mike and I have had some great trips together and I was hoping to get him some bass again. The winds limited us to the Hole and she was not kind to us early on, despite my favorite tide. Eventually, Red Ledge turned on and we worked every which way to get a good shot and Mike finally sealed the deal. Although Mike has caught more and larger fish with me, I think he appreciated the little schoolie as much as someone else would celebrate a 50-pounder. Once that was accomplished, Jon and I went about trying to get a good shot with the fly rod, and to his credit, Jon succeeded as well putting the fly in a good spot and working the current for his own striper. All in all, one of my favorite trips of the year.
Tuesday, July 27: The Sounds and The Hole

Plenty of Bait - Where Are The Bones?

Just an absolute perfect day with Joe Marcus - gorgeous sunrise and blitzing bass and blues around Waquoit, with plenty of small bait spraying everywhere. The Hole was alive with bass and bait as well. But where are the bonito? We visited Lackey's and there were terns everywhere picking small bait and I wanted to imagine there were bonito slashing everywhere - but that's the extent, just my imagination. Jim Young reported that one customer said he picked up a bone at Hedge Fence casting, but he also said there were no blues there. Hard to imagine no blues at the Fence because you usually have to pick through a bunch to get even one funny fish.
Monday, July 26: On The Road

And The Winds Blew

Another blowout today allowed me to work on the boats and do some tackle fiddling. Seems like there is never enough time to make sure everything is in perfect working order, but I do enjoy checking things out and tying more leaders and flies. Beautiful day with less humidity at least provided a peek at what is coming in a month.
Sunday, July 25: Homefront

Unsettled By Unsettling Weather

The ugly stuff continued to roll in from the west this evening, causing another postponement of eel slinging in the dark. Reports have been pretty slow around the islands, with a pick of mid-20 pound bass at the best, mainly on the troll with wire or tubes. Tons of blues have invaded Vineyard Sound, some of them pretty sizeable and they are wreaking havoc with everyone's eels. On a positive note, two bonito were weighed in at Larry's and there are reports of some off OB and Edgartown for the casters, while folks dragging wire and jigs have been collecting them at the Hooter.
Saturday, July 24: Buzzards Bay and the Islands

Family Fun

Finally managed to get out with Jon Kolb and family - including son Sam and son-in-law Greg Robillard, along with grandkids Jake and Lexi (Sam's) and Isaac (Greg's). Never really had a chance to bottom fish for scup because we were too busy catching blues and stripers. Some exciting topwater action around Old Silver and West Falmouth, followed by bass on the rocks at Naushon. I never get tired seeing youngsters fight fish on my favorite rods - 5 1/2 foot Ugly Stiks and Shimano Sedona 2500's!
Friday, July 23: Woods Hole and The Elizabeths

A Solid Day On The Water

Got a chance to hook up with Mark Tenerowicz today and we found good numbers of bass in the Hole, both on the east tide and then on the turn to the drop. White Hogy's worked well, as did Mark's personal favorite, the Zoom Super Fluke. We went old school around Cuttyhunk tossing Gibbs' pencils with only one swirl to show for all the work, but on the way back we ran into some funny water around the Weepeckets that turned out to be bass surface feeding on small bait.
Thursday, July 22: The Hole and Elizabeths

There Once Was A Girl From Maine . . .

Who had striped bass as her middle name! That certainly proved to be the case with Annie Citrine as she caught numerous schoolies throwing plugs and Hogy's with her aunt, Laurie Thwaites, quite an accomplished angler in her own right. We battled strong winds that only caught worse as the morning went on, but Annie kept on catching bass, but as she said, "Where are the bluefish when you need one?" as we didn't manage to catch any for dinner for Uncle Fred.
Wednesday, July 21: The Elizabeths and The Hole

A Plan Comes Together

Laura Jenkins, a very accomplished flyrodder who attends college in Montana and regaled me with tales of the steelhead she caught when she crossed the border into Idaho to do some fishing during the winter, was good enough to join me for an afternoon photo shoot. Jeff of Jeff Adams Photography and a Falmouth native is doing a shoot on Woods Hole fly fishing for the internet magazine Catch and Laura proved to be a good angler and model as she put bass on the line and displayed the enthusiasm that only someone who loves fishing can display.
Tuesday, July 20: Woods Hole and Naushon

Up And Down Day

This morning's trip had Jon and Sam Kolb bringing Dylan Chirichella aboard for a shot at showing him what the Hole can be like and he was not disappointed as it was non-stop bass and blues on Hogy's. Unfortunately, a night trip with the Tubing Tierney's, Tom, Karen, and Braden, only produced a whole lot of short, stubby eels provided by some big blues. Very wierd night with a ton of swell on the sound side of the islands and an incredible amount of weed, perhaps a result of the storm and a weak tide. But Karen was happy to see what the night fishing is all about once we went quiet and got out of the big stuff that had the Vineyard disappearing at times when were in the trough.
Monday, July 19: The Elizabeths

How Does He Do That?

Spent another great day on the water with Davis Yetman and Paul Mort fishing the islands. Although Davis had the magic early on with plugs, Paul reached deep into his bag of tricks and produced dinner with a bass on an eel. Interesting ride home as we were followed home by a fast moving front that finally caught up with us right at the mouth of Falmouth Harbor, giving yours truly a real good soaking.
Saturday, July 17: The Elizabeths

A Scratch Your Head Kind Of Day

After what started out as a promising morning with Jeff Leiden as fish were popping in the Hole, the rest of the morning proved to be very quiet. The fish that had been banging around in Quick's were scattered by boats throwing all kinds of hardware at them and even spots along the bay side of the islands would not come to the fly. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.
Thursday, July 15: The Elizabeths

Putting On A Show

With Kate out of town and me on dog duty, chances for being on the water this week have been limited, but I did manage to get out with Chris Howgate and his father-in-law, Ed, for a night trip. The fish cooperated by putting on a show. Solid schoolie action on the tide in Robinson's and then a full out blitz in front of the bass club on Cuttyhunk, followed by a solid eel bass for Ed to conclude the night.
Monday, July 12: The Elizabeths

Blues On The Tides

Caught up with Patrick Vignona and his friends, Joe and Mike, for some night time eeling along the islands. Started with plugging and Mike managed a solid bass on the Yo-zuri Hydro Pencil and we were then treated to a great bluefish topwater show on light tackle. With a fair amount of chop, it was tough keeping contact with the eels and we didn't manage to make really solid contact with the bass that seemed to be just mouthing the snakes tonight.
Friday, July 9: Chatham

Fog and The Heebie Geebies

A late morning start with Dan Gibbons ended much sooner than I would have liked as we motored slowly through some thick fog and could only shake our heads as a small boat came out of nowhere across our bow and I decided that nothing is worth the chance of getting run down. Trips like this make me rethink the idea of putting radar on my boat, at least so I can see the stuff headed my way.
Thursday, July 8: Nobska and The Hole

A Very Special Trip

Despite having talked with Sue Mann several times over the years to discuss trips with her husband, Charles, son, Griff, son-in-law Mark, and many of her grandchildren, today I got to meet her in person and spend some time on the water with her and Charles. This was Sue's introduction to fishing and she proved quite adept, mastering the casting in short order and managing a pair of schoolies and a bluefish on plugs. Lots of birds and fish around Nobska and in the Hole, and we also spent some exploring Lackey's and Tarpaulin on what was an exceptional day.
Wednesday, July 7: Chatham

Not So Good

Today was my first trip to the Chatham rips, and despite visiting Handkerchief, Bearses, Stone Horse, Point Rip, and who knows how many shoals and rips, we went scoreless on bass. We did have some follows and saw fish around one spot, but it was very quiet for what should be a prime time. Did have some bluefish popping around and managed to put a bend in the rod, but overall quite disappointing, although Larry's PX is as good as ever.
Tuesday, July 6: Cape Cod Bay and The Elizabeths

Aaagh - And One For Jake

My first trip today was with Cal Lane and Rick, and I elected to try and get these two experienced flyrodders on some bass up around P-town. There was plenty of bait around and we saw a few fish roll early on along the pot line, but we continued moving around the corner and finally found bass working the sand eels, with the real payoff a surface blitz during which they hooked up. Unfortunately, a flotilla descended on the action and managed to put the fish down by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at them and insisting on running right on top of them. We marked schools down deep, but couldn't get down to them; Billingsgate was very quiet on the way back and we had some shots on the Brewster flats. The night tides proved to be good to Luke and Jake Trevino, although the former might say otherwise as he was cut off by a big blue and dropped a really nice bass. Jake, however, was in his glory as he finally put the finishing touches by bring a big striper to the boat, something that has been eluding him for a couple of years despite a number of tussles. I started fishing with the Trevino brothers when they were 12 and 10, respectively, and I never have a dull moment with them.
Monday, July 5: The Elizabeths

Double Your Pleasure

A full day of fishing with Paul and Parker Tennet proved to be a good one as they both managed bass and some big, ugly Elizabeth's blues on eels and plugs. We also stopped in around Cuttyhunk for a brief respite, a treat I never get tired of sharing. Lots of bass showing today and following, but you had to work to get them to eat. I suspect they will only get more finicky with the warmer water and lots of small bait, including krill. The night shift belong to Steve Murphy and his sons, Matt and Colton, with Steve hoping for some good bass on eels. Things started out a little slow and Matt and Colton even convinced me to go chase some schools of small blues with plugs, but eventually we settled in around the rocks and after feeling the takes and runs of big bass on Mr. Wiggly, both boys were convinced that they were well worth casting.
Sunday, July 4: The Elizabeths

Success - Again

The tradition continued as Sandy Reid and Laurie and Fred Thwaites joined me for a night of tossing eels and flies along the islands. We worked some birds outside Robinson's with no luck and then settled in with eels as darkness fell. Laurie struck first with a good bass and then scored a big, ugly Elizabeth's bluefish before Fred did battle with his own big striper. We also had fireworks displays all to ourselves everywhere we looked - pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.
Saturday, July 3: The Sounds, The Hole, and Buzzards Bay

A Lot of Miles

Today was a full day split between Vern Lemaire's sons Phil and Ed, daughter Allison, and Phil's girlfriend Mireya in the morning, with Vern, wife Gail, and Phil and Allison making up the second shift. We managed a number of schoolies around Waquoit before the weekend traffic took over and then headed to Horseshoe for some bluefish action. The wind came up in the afternoon and made things a bit more lumpy and we worked what should have been productive water from Naushon to Quissett without success, although we did raise some bluefish. Water is definitely warming up during the day and putting a damper on things.
Friday, July 2: The Elizabeths

A Pleasure to Spend Time With

Despite what started out as a pretty windy day with Middle Ground all whipped up and fishless, Carl Borromeo and I had a great time along the islands picking up bass on the fly. Carl is an excellent caster who really appreciates the Elizabeths as much as I do and he worked extra hard for the fish we did catch. As has been the case for much of the season, good amounts of small bait make the fly rod the perfect choice.
Thursday, July 1: Woods Hole

A Tale of Two Trips

The morning didn't pan out the way I expected for Marty Golabek and I as the fish we had two days earlier never materialized in the Hole. We worked some quiet water with sliders and managed a few follows and hits, but only managed to break off what seemed like one decent bass. Even had a hard time with the cocktail blues that had been everywhere recently. Fortunately, the night proved to be far more productive for Bill Metcalf and his son, Bill, as they got the hang of casting and retrieving eels along the Elizabeths, with two really nice bass to show for their efforts. It might seem like an easy task, but working in the dark is a challenge. As usual, the night sky was perfect and the stars put on their best display.

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