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June 2010 Daily Fishing Reports

Wednesday, June 30: The Elizabeths

The End Of Something

The month of June, that is. Incredible numbers of cocktail blues around and there seem to be more bass filtering in around the islands. Small bait still predominates, making the fly rod a good choice, with small soft plastic also working. After a big blitz in the Canal on Monday, it seems to have slowed a bit, while in Cape Cod Bay there are several schools around that are moving either due to bait or fishing pressure. Chatham is also happening.
Tuesday, June 29: Woods Hole

Back In The Saddle

After getting blown out the day before, I hooked up with Marty Golabek for some flyrodding action. Marty is a dedicated trout angler, so it took some time to get back in the swing with the heavier rods. We found plenty of small blues around the airplane house, but the real bonus was a blitz of bass tight to the shore around Hadley's. White Deceivers worked wonders for Marty once he got the strip down; pretty cool seeing the fish follow and then inhale the fly.
Sunday, June 27: The Elizabeths

A Solid Day On The Water

A cloudy and foggy day on the water turned out to be the right mix for Keith Danziger and Chris Himschoot as we started with surface feeding bass at Cuttyhunk that turned into the dreaded krill stripers. Had some reaction strikes on plugs from the finning and swirling bass, but until the tide started moving and the fish went back on sand eels, it was tough. Moved around a bit and managed the first bass of the season on eels, including one that had some good heft to it, and a gnarly island bluefish.
Friday, June 25: All Around The Sounds

A Tough Day

Put a lot of miles on the Katie G. today with Jon Morrison, starting at MG and going all the way to Devil's Bridge. Lots of bait on Dogfish Bar, but no takers. Zipped across to the islands where we worked some stretches really hard, but couldn't raise a thing. The Hole was next and there were terns working over bait, but very little life in the way of fish, although Jon brought up one character than took a Banger and ripped line before dropping it. A return engagement for the tide change at MG found a few bass charging around after a squid here and there, and Jon once again coaxed a fish to his Banger with no connection. Heard from some other anglers that there were some nice schools of bass working down the sounds outside Robinson's and Quick's, but apparently I was just shy of them on my way to Gay Head. Bummer!
Thursday, June 24: All Over

Huffin' and Puffin'

Today the winds came up hard southwest and pushed Thurman Gordon and I off the water early; before that, we checked out a ton of spots, including MG, with no success. Had some good drifts along the Elizabeths, but they continue to be dry for me. Even went into some schoolie spots well up into Waquoit without any takers. Finished with a lumpy ride back to Falmouth, but at least we stayed dry and in one piece!
Wednesday, June 23: Middle Ground

On Fire!

Early morning thunderstorms and wind kept me from making the trip to MV to pick up Peter Secor and his sons, Max and Hunter, but the weather settled and I made it across mid-afternoon. That was a good decision as MG was ripping and the bass were happy, whacking amber Hogy's with abandon. Hunter even had one good-sized fish go completely airborne like a tarpon after his lure. Also managed to pick up a few fluke during the slack on small Sluggos bounced on the bottom. Also had some enjoyable debates with Max about the merits of Apple products and shared thoughts about American literature - really good stuff!
Tuesday, June 22: The Sounds

A Return Engagement

It's been quite a while since I got to fish with Thurman Gordon, but he elected to spend some vacation time this year on the Cape and it was great to see him and sling some flies. We had no success with the squid flies at MG, but as the tide began to slack, the fish started swirling on sand eels and Thurman scored a couple of really nice bass on half-and-halfs. We also pursued the krill fish and tried everything from bonefish patterns to tiny streamers with no success. Finished off with a bluefish blitz around Waquoit, where I was surprised to find no bass in the mix. Did see a nice bass taken from the west jetty by an enterprising angler who was drifting live scup.
Monday, June 21: The Sounds

Almost A Triple Play

Today was a long day, with three trips planned, including an early morning with Curt Jamiel and his friends Scott and Champe. They had scheduled some fishing with Mike, but the early arrival of Max nixed those plans, so I stepped in. Curt hooked up on the first cast at MG and we had a number of other hits on amber Hogy's; eventually, as the tide slacked, the dreaded krill sip started and we had no luck inducing those fish to eat. Finally, we through the Hole, which was quiet, and found some bass and blues along the Elizabeths, including another school of krill fish. Trip two was with Ted Farrell and his fishing duo, Fiona and Silas, who enjoyed non-stop bluefish action from Waquoit to Buzzards Bay. The kids got a real workout on the choppers. Unfortunately, trip three was a bust as Jimmy Gustin and I tried MG, the Hole, and the islands with the fly rod. Had a few bass slapping around the Elizabeths, but no luck getting them to eat. I'm still confused by WH, as there is bait but very little action.
Sunday, June 20: Woods Hole and Naushon

A Fishless Father's Day

Strange weather and winds greeted Gerry Fine and I this morning; heavy, gray skies and huffing southwesterlies in the AM were a bit surprising. A few fish popped on squid in the Hole, but they were very sporadic and we worked some spots on Naushon that have always produced for me in the past with no success. Had one bump and blew out a few fish in the shallows, but overall a big dropoff from the last few days.
Saturday, June 19: All Around The Sounds

A Reversal Of Fortune

The legend of Uncle Robert took was dulled a bit as Davis Yetman put a hurting on his brother with several nice bass on the Hogy; perhaps Robert has been chasing the little white ball a bit too much, but he appeared to have a bad case of the yips. Once again, the bass were on squid in the Hole and MG, but our efforts at eeling around Cuttyhunk were fruitless and other than some milling, sipping stripers on the tide, the islands were a little quiet. Congrats to Davis for providing a fillet for Paul and Isabel Mort and I have faith that Robert will be back on his game next trip out.
Friday, June 18: The Hole and Elizabeths

A Solid Day Overall

Had a great day on the water with Norm Bouchard and Tim Murphy; high school hoops teammates at Silver Lake Regional years ago, the two still do a lot of fishing, despite Tim's job as head football coach at Harvard. While Norm is very successful jigging, tubing, and fishing live/chunk bait, today we went with flyrodding and light tackle casting and found the bass willing to eat in various locations. It was great to see fish busting squid and having a solid take when the fly or Hogy drifted into the proper slot. Some good sized blues also came out to play as we plugged spots in Quick's to end when was a beautiful day on the water.
Thursday, June 17: Boston

Over The Bridge

A good report today of some good schools of bass moving into the sounds, around Halfway Shoal, Tom Shoal, and Middle Ground. Apparently, some squid have pushed in and the fishing is on the upswing. As for me, I managed a few casts in the morning before taking the folks to Boston for an appointment for my mom; the only good thing about these trips is I get reminded about how much I would never live in the city.
Wednesday, June 16: Woods Hole and MG

A Little Bait Makes A Big Difference

Day two of fishing with Paul Valint proved to be a very good one, as Paul scored a bass on his first cast in the Hole and managed several more using his tan squid fly. It was great seeing bass pounding squid and at least one time Paul had a hit when the fly just hit the water. At MG, there were bass on squid when the water was moving, but the best part was watching bass slurping sand eels around slack water and they were willing to take Clousers on the drift. It was great seeing bass just milling around and swirling here and there.
Tuesday, June 15: The Canal

Bass City

The blitz of Monday continued today according to everyone I spoke to; although not as crazy as yesterday, there were still several 30-pound fish taken and the mackerel were being assaulted from every direction. I also had the chance to stock on some fly tying materials at the Goose; their supply is just outstanding if you're looking to spin up some bugs. Paul Newmier at Blackbeard's had good reports regarding the back beaches and there are some schools of big bass outside Nauset Inlet, but the general issue is going small to match the bait.
Monday, June 14: Middle Ground and The Elizabeths

Three Strikes and I'm Out

Even with Paul Valint in town, an outstanding flyrodder who does a job on bass when she's in town, I couldn't buy a bass today. We found a few bass around MG pushing sand eels and there were a few on squid; they were willing to follow the fly, but wouldn't eat. We finally made our way down along the islands and things were surprisingly quiet. Perhaps the highlight of the day was seeing a nice fish swirl and having Paul toss a bug right on it; the bass clobbered it, but the steel never found a home.
Sunday, June 13: Bed and Fishing The Cape

Funky Weather

Postponed trip with Cal Lane as there was plenty of rain and some thunderstorms when I awoke at 3 AM, plus fog. Decided it would be better to put off until we had a better day. Had the chance to run down Cape and got to have a nice chat with Bruce at FTC. He said there are fish around the Monomoy flats, but they have been tough at times - typical! Good fishing on the beachfront up around Nauset, with bass chewing on sea herring and sand eels and Truro has had some really red hot action. Happy for the outer Cape folks as they have had some bleak seasons recently. Also heard from Jim Young at Eastman's that there were bass on top at Wasque; perhaps we are having the push in the sounds we have been waiting for.
Saturday, June 12: Woods Hole and The Elizabeths

Where Did All The Small Blues Come From?

Hit the turn in the Hole with Michael Green and Jerry Fink, but found no action on bass whatsoever despite hitting multiple spots, including some that are almost guaranteed to hold at least a few schoolies. Southwest was already puffing, unusual for early morning, but we beat down to Robinson's only to find acres of small blues in Buzzards Bay. No bass mixed in and Quick's was equally quiet. I was really scratching my head when a stretch of Naushon that should be alive with at least small bass was deader than dead.
Friday, June 11: The Elizabeths, The Hole, and Poppy

Skunk and A Little Redemption

I really looked forward to this morning's trip with Jeff Leiden since there have been some good schools around the islands and a few squid in Woods Hole, but all I managed was a big skunk. Lots of birds on small bait in the Hole, but no fish showing or eating at all. Missed the tide in Robinson's and Quick's was a bust. Ouch! Couldn't even buy a schoolie around Nobska. Fortunately, trip two with Rick Flory and his fishing children, Megan and Andrew, turned out better as we had blitzing bluefish for hours around Poppy and South Cape Beach. There were some blues just outside Falmouth Harbor, but too much chop and wake so we ventured east to find acres of fish and birds. Nothing huge, but plenty of fun on light tackle. Finished with ice cream at Somerset Creamery for a happy dad and two tired kids.
Thursday, June 10: Home and On The Road

I Hate Weathermen!

Once again, the big blow that was predicted didn't come; they got the rain part right at least. More bugs and errands and managed to do some electrical work on the boat myself! Tuna bite has been very erratic, but bass fishing in CC Bay continues to be solid.
Wednesday, June 9: Cape Cod Bay

Long Day For Very Little

Got to fish with Mike and his two guests, Tucker Blythe and John, a couple of guides from Charleston, South Carolina. Mike had a tough day yesterday, so he ran his boat around to fish tuna and bass in the morning and I hoped to get them on the flats in the afternoon. Well, suffice it to say that we left Billingsgate before it completely turned to hit the southeast corner of Stellwagen only to see a few tuna crash and no hook-ups. Ran over to the Race where the tide was dying and so was an epic bass blitz. Finally ran back to Barnstable where the wind was starting to build; a half hour later, it was whitecaps and rain. Ouch!
Tuesday, June 8: The Elizabeths and The Hole

A Fine Day

Had the pleasure of fishing with Jon Rounds and Bob King, two very dedicated anglers and hit a mother load of bass on the islands on the turn of the tide. Fish were on small bait and were spraying it everywhere. A great visual feast and really cool to watch the fish track the fly before inhaling it. Finished up in the Hole where we found fish, some of them with big backs, pushing squid and lots of terns, bait, and smaller fish. Once Jon and Bob got the handle on the swing required, white squid flies and white Hogy's did the trick.
Monday, June 7: On A Roof In Poppy


With an iffy forecast today and wanting to make sure Walt and Dave, two of the finest folks I fish with, got a good trip, postponed for next month. Instead, spent the day stripping a roof with brother Pete and chatting about world events. We always have a good time no matter what we are doing and I sometimes find it hard to believe that my big brother is a grandfather. Other than Cape Cod Bay, the fishing remains kind of slow around these parts.
Sunday, June 6: Home

Humpin' A Woofer

Heard that expression from a guide in Florida when the wind is really whipping. That was the case today as by the afternoon it was gusting to a good 25 knots. Got to spend the day resting the legs and tying more squid bugs as the squid seem to finally have moved in to the Hole and Middle Ground.
Saturday, June 5: The Elizabeths


Wind was blowing a bit from the southwest, but made the decision to hit the spot that Steve and Ray had found so productive the day before, this time with Ray and Arnold Cosgrove. Sure enough, the bass were still there, happily slapping and rolling in the fog and choppier conditions. Arnold connected with a few fish while we tried the intermediate lines, but the decision to switch to fast sinks given the rough water proved to be a good one as the stripers inhaled chartreuse Deceivers with gusto. Unfortunately, the fun ended when thunder and amazing lightning rolled in; the ride back to the Hole was interested as bolt danced all around us and the rain felt like needles as we raced for safe haven. Tomorrow isn't looking good, but I need some serious time at the vise to restock the boxes anyway.
Friday, June 4: Buzzards Bay and the Islands

Wore Flat Out

Steve and Ray joined me for a very long day on the water - 4 AM to 6:30 PM! The morning was well worth it, with birds and bass for all of five hours, with a good number 30 inches or better. Clousers, Deceivers, and Gummies all worked at times. First spot had a few fish popping and Steve connected on the first cast, but then it went dead. No problem with area two as it was a melee of fish and bait and Steve and Ray really did a job, using both intermediate and fast sink lines. When the tide slacked, hit Cuttyhunk for a lunch break and then the sun came out, definitely slowing the fishing. Had one push of bass in clear water that were fun to watch, but they didn't hang around long. Made the long run hoping to find blues in upper B-Bay, but no luck. The Hole was dead and Nobska gave up nothing, but by then we were all toast. As it is with these two buddies, there is always a fish event waiting for them.
Thursday, June 3: Barnstable Harbor

Cut Short

Heavy fog and a rollicking southwest greeted Steve Sawczuk, Ray Riley, and I when we hit a deserted parking lot at in the wee hours - definitely not a good sign. Chatted a bit with Capt. Doug Jowett a bit and then ventured forth in the mist, hitting a couple of fish on an inside flat. Drifts were way too fast and found spots up inside the marshes very quiet. Decided that going for a long day tomorrow was the way to go.
Wednesday, June 2: The Elizabeths

The Blind Squirrel Finds The Nut

Early departure (4 AM) with Al Moulton and Bob Davis down the islands; hit some spots that had been producing very well only to find things dead. Fog rolled in thick and with the electronics going temporarily out of order, picked our way back to an area I was confident would work on the morning tide. Sure enough, when we arrived, birds were working big time and some really nice bass were rolling on small bait. From what they spit up, looked like small silversides and white or chartreuse/white Deceivers were very effective patterns. Really cool to see fish popping in tight around a boulder field as the current slacked, but those fish were very fussy. By the time we returned mid-morning, wind had gone east, it was cold, and the sound was chopping up, so I wasn't holding much hope for trip two of the day. Fortunately, a change to upper Buzzards Bay proved to be the magic touch for mother-and-son team Tammy and Sam White. Blues were working from Wing's Neck to the Mashnee Flats. After a few to topwaters, the run to the Maritime Academy found schoolies working the grass patches and willing to eat small plastic/jighead combinations. The day ended up with some great topwater action inside Wing's Neck on Jumpin' Minnows, mostly blues but a few schoolies worked in. Ended up being a solid trip on the day before Sam's birthday and I believe the fish count was dead even by the end of the day.
Wednesday, June 2: The Elizabeths

The Blind Squirrel Finds The Nut

Early departure (4 AM) with Al Moulton and Bob Davis down the islands; hit some spots that had been producing very well only to find things dead. Fog rolled in thick and with the electronics going temporarily out of order, picked our way back to an area I was confident would work on the morning tide. Sure enough, when we arrived, birds were working big time and some really nice bass were rolling on small bait. From what they spit up, looked like small silversides and white or chartreuse/white Deceivers were very effective patterns. Really cool to see fish popping in tight around a boulder field as the current slacked, but those fish were very fussy.
Tuesday, June 1: Home

Wind Blows No Good

A good blow today kept me off the water, but that gave me a chance to tie some leaders and get caught up on sleep. Seems like a new push of fish is coming through, with good fishing around Buzzards Bay and the islands. Small bait remains the ticket for folks using artificials on top, although there are some big fish holding deep around the Canal according to Mike Thomas.

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