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May 2010 Daily Fishing Reports

Monday, May 31: The Hole and Elizabeths

Still Moving Along

As May concludes, it's pretty clear that the fish are still moving hard and there is definitely no pattern to what is going on in terms of fish settling in. Mike Thomas at M & D's in Wareham told me that the Canal was hot Friday and tailed off significantly as the weekend moved on. There are some good schools of fish outside the west end, but they haven't moved in because there are pogies holding them from Wareham to Marion. Mike weighed in a 51-pound fish that he said was caught on a live pogy and he suspects it was caught around the edges of the Canal. I got out with Mark Tenerowicz this afternoon and despite what should have been good tides at MG and the Hole, we only had a few follows at the former. Managed a decent blue on a stickbait along Naushon and finished up with some small blues outside the Hole. Hoping for a big week upturn this week in the fishing in some spots that have been consistent producers for me in the past as June gets underway.
Sunday, May 30: Woods Hole, Middle Ground, and Barnstable Harbor

I Must Be Nuts!

Got up at 3 AM to fish a bit with Mike and good news was the presence of some squid in the Hole, with some bass there and at MG. Bad news is I now hold the honor of being "The World's Worst Fisherman" as I whiffed on probably a dozen fish using Hogy's while Mike schooled me. A late morning start had Joe Marcus and I hitting Barnstable and the flats where we saw good numbers of bass, some of them very impressive sized, but could not unlock the secret of what they wanted. Joe did manage a couple of smaller bass on Clousers, but when you have fish milling around close enough to touch and they give you the fin, that's tough. Also realize even more how easy it is to pole the Mitzi after pushing the Maritime around for four hours. I also think I need a longer pole with the latter since when we were in deeper water at the top of the tide, it was one short push and the end of the pole.
Saturday, May 29: Home

A Little Rest

After a series of 3 AM wake up calls and long days on the water, I got the chance to gather myself and put some flies together. Heard that the Hole is starting to improve and Succonesset Shoal is still holding bass.
Friday, May 28: The Elizabeths

Sometimes Repetition Is A Good Thing

Day two with Steve and Joe Roman was again productive, with good numbers of fish, including a number over 30 inches on light tackle and the fly. Olive/white Half and Halfs did the trick with the long wand as the sand eels were small and a larger fly stood out. Had a late afternoon trip with Rich Carl and his friend Ken to show Rich a little about Woods Hole so he can feel comfortable with the rocks and tides in his Williams' skiff. Found some small bass around Red Ledge and also visited Middle Ground where we raised some bass and one blue on pink 10-inch Hogy's as the tide slacked west. That was really encouraging.
Thursday, May 27: The Elizabeths

Early To Rise

An early start (4:30 AM) was well worth it for Steve and Joe Roman as we were into surface feeding bass for about six hours. Made a short stop at Middle Ground, but found weed, weak tide, and no fish, so made the run down the islands and were well rewarded. Lots of fog and rough conditions, but the fish chewed as long as the tide was moving. Arkansas Shiner Sluggos on 1/4 ounce jigheads continued to shine.
Wednesday, May 26: Naushon/Woods Hole

I Want To Be A Weatherman

Went to bed last night with a forecast of 10 to 15 northwest, perfect for the islands. Woke up to forecast of 5 to 10 southwest. Reality was 20 southwest. Slugged it out with Tom Mendelsohn and Bill Coughlin all over Naushon and the Hole for a few small bass on small soft plastics; really disappointing as even the usual schoolie spots were dry. Strange day, to say the least.
Tuesday, May 25: The Elizabeths

Even Better

If it were possible to outdo yesterday, then Tom and Ed did the trick. A few fish were popping around in the fog in the first spot we checked, but further down the islands it was absolutely mayhem. Just a blast watching surfing, slurping stripers of all sizes working small sand eels. There also appeared to be a krill hatch going on, but the small Sluggos once again did the trick. It is so much fun fishing with the Colford brothers and I look forward to our trips in the fall in Montauk.
Monday, May 24: The Elizabeths

A Great Day With Tom and Ed

Today was the first day fishing with Tom and Ed Colford, a couple of dedicated light tackle anglers who I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years now. A lack of shore fish around Popponesset on the first day of their vacation turned to bass city along the islands. It was no problem finding the fish as there were birds everywhere and bass slurping on sand eels. Small Arkansas Shiner Sluggos on very light jigheads did the trick as the fish were unwilling to take topwaters. Heard from Jim Young that there was a good bite down around Succonesset Shoal as well.
Sunday, May 23: Barnstable Harbor

Good Start, Slow Finish

Got to do some flats fishing with Jon Kolb today and we started out OK with a couple of decent fish working the marshes to the east. I really had high hopes that the turn of the tide would turn things on, but instead it went dead. Did some poling on the flats, but other than a couple of lazy fish, didn't see much. Tried well up inside the backside of Sandy Neck, but no luck. Ran into Slipknot, aka Bruce, from, who told us there were schoolies around, but we never found them. Was going to try the afternoon bite, but fatigue got to me and my afternoon nap lasted longer than expected. Spoke with Mike and he told me that Middle Ground seemed dead this morning despite a good tide. Seems like we are in a bit of lull before the next push of fish.
Saturday, May 22: The Elizabeths

A Reminder Of Days Past

With a day off, I got a chance to fish with my nephew Frank and old friend Jim Lowe. The Hole was honking and after some unproductive prospecting along the islands, we hit Cuttyhunk for a quick cup of coffee and to wait for the tide to turn. That decision proved to be a good one as there birds and bass swirling around, but they were very frustrating and only followed our flies. At times, they seemed like they were on a hatch or spawn of some time. Outside of Quick's, found some more cooperative fish and both Frank and Jim came tight on the fly. Frank mentioned that it was his first bass in three years and I was reminded how much I enjoyed fishing with him over the years. I am determined this season to make time in my busy guiding schedule to get on the water with him as we used to do when he was younger.
Friday, May 21: Woods Hole and The Elizabeths

Pancakes and Fish

After managing to pancake a prop in the Hole while watching fish and not paying enough attention, cutting short a trip with Jeff Leiden, I got out in the afternoon with Greg Maheras and Chuck Farber. Found fish in Robinson's, but couldn't get a good shot as another boat was on them. Good for them, although it was frustrating to watch them throw big plugs and even big shads in chartreuse when it was obvious they were on small bait. Finally found fish to ourselves in Quick's, both bass and blues, but it was pretty gnarly, Interesting trip back through the Hole and down the sound with an east tide bucking an easterly wind.
Thursday, May 20: Barnstable Harbor


First trip to BH with Arnold Cosgrove, a wonderful individual and flyrodder from Connecticut, was less than advertised. Spent a lot of time moving and trying to find a concentration of fish, but only managed a pair of mini-bass. Saw one angler catching some good fish livelining mackerel in the channel and couldn't help but wonder what he was going to do if he caught another large fish since he already had two dead in a bucket onboard. A fair number of boats around traveling and looking, but the fly folks seemed to be struggling. Heard later from Gene that he had a great trip on the last of the incoming with his largest fish 38-inches. Thought the outgoing would be the ticket this morning, but fish and Mr. Bourque showed me otherwise.
Wednesday, May 19: Middle Ground/Woods Hole

The Curse Continues

After blowing the call and postponing a trip due to forecast heavy rain and wind that turned into drizzle and occasional puffs, I got a late morning call from Mike who wanted to test out the designs of his offshore trolling rigs. That lasted a bit and then we blew over to Middle Ground, where I had one swirl and then nothing. The Hole had some terns working over small bass and bait around Red Ledge, but could not convince them to take the size Hogy's we were throwing. Other spots were just plain dead and I'm wondering if Mike's new boat has some bad mojo. Got a cool cell phone photo from Mark Tenerowicz who picked up some nice largemouth and pickerel from his secret pond.
Tuesday, May 18: The Canal

On Fire!

Great reports from the Canal this morning of good numbers of bass in the 20-pound class and some well over 30. Bell Road was a very crowded spot, but apparently the fish were pretty well spread out if the people weren't. Heard that the Vineyard is absolutely dead, although there is a ton of bait off Gay Head and the fish should find it soon. Backwater fishing in upper Buzzards Bay continues to be good, but the optimal word is "Here today, gone tomorrow" as the migration is full on. Fish were big yesterday, much smaller today.
Monday, May 17: Buzzards Bay

Fish In Tight

After a slow day yesterday, some better news today as Gene told me of some good fish inside around Buzzards Bay. These were low 30-inch fish and showed no signs of being there, but were very aggressive in taking Hogy's. Southside still surprisingly slow and the Canal continues to fish well with a ton of bait in the Ditch.
Sunday, May 16: Buzzards Bay

Less Than I Like

I had high hopes for this morning with Joe and Todd Marcus, but my guess is that some schools of fish are moving through the west entrance and going right into the Ditch where the bait is. Had some fish swirling around the Maritime Academy and some terns were buzzing around on bait from Wing's Neck to Phinney's, but overall very quiet. Lots of folks togging, but much slower than I hoped for. Next up is Barnstable for me, while Warren Marshall said they had a pretty productive weekend around Cuttyhunk, with about a dozen fish each day and a good number of them legal. He said the bass were feeding on very small bait and could be pretty fussy at times.
Saturday, May 15: Woods Hole

It's A Start

With a trip to Amherst on the agenda for my nephew Chris's graduation, I caught up with Mike at 5:30 and we sprinted from Green Pond to Woods Hole. Mike managed to pick up a fish when he made a good call to change over from amber to bubblegum, but they had no interest in my pencil popper. We saw some other folks jigging with no success. Jim Young said there were some good fish being caught yesterday, but perhaps the northwest wind and a lack of bait had them in-and-out.
Friday, May 14: Southside Spots

Tough Patterning Fish Right Now

Not much going on in terms of sustained consistent fishing from Falmouth to Mashpee; a few bass being taken on bait and some scattered pushes of bluefish. Mike and I had plans to go out this afternoon, but wind came up and we thought better of it. Going to try the Hole in the morning.
Thursday, May 13: Canal

Fish Find The Bait

With the Canal still holding plenty of bait, that is where the big bass are. Schools are moving through Buzzards Bay pretty quickly and feeding on mackerel, whiting, herring, and squid. Fish to 40 pounds is what I heard while on southside around low 30-inch class is tops.
Wednesday, May 12: My Little River

Where Are My Little Friends?

I'm still waiting for my little friends to show in Pocasset, but so far I have seen little to suggest they are around; maybe I'll give it a try later tonight after the Bruins game. Outstanding topwater action continues in Buzzards Bay on both stripers and bluefish, and Mike Thomas of M & D's in Wareham said the mackerel are creating some excellent prospects in the Canal. Green mackerel plugs, what else, are the hot item, and the east turn is shaping up for first light this weekend. Southside, a pick of just legal bass around Waquoit, Popponesset, and Cotuit, with cut bait such as pogies far outfishing artificials. Hopefully, more squid will show up in the sound to really get things stirred up.
Tuesday, May 11: Buzzards Bay/Canal

A Repeat?

Word from Bruce Miller at Canal Bait & Tackle in Sagamore is that there are mackerel at both ends of the Canal; is this the beginning of action like we had around the west entrance in 2008? For shore folks, good fish in the Ditch to the low 40-inch class taking swimming plugs and jigs; some of these schools have been tight to the shore. Of particular interest to yours truly is the action in Barnstable Harbor; sounds like topwater and sight fishing time.
Monday, May 10: Upper Buzzards Bay


Had a chance to throw a few casts around Popponesset after work and had a few schoolies follow the small plastics, but never managed to put a cast in one. Exceptionally cold weather predicted for tonight, but apparently the warm weather during the day produced a worm spawn in Waquoit that had some decent sized bass swarming around.
Sunday, May 9: Upper Cape Shores

Beach Fishing At Its Best

This is the time to be hitting the beaches around the upper Cape. Gene Bourque had a great day fishing one of the rivers in Bourne, with six good fish up to 33-inches. Chris Parisi worked hard on Friday night for one fish, but it was a good one, well into the upper 30-inch category. The Falmouth beaches are fishing really well and there are good reports from the Sandwich creeks on down to Barnstable. And, of course, you have the Canal, where the fish are getting more plentiful and bigger every day.
Saturday, May 8: West Entrance to Canal

Singing In The Rain

Just got in from a very productive two hour trip with Mike Hogan around Wing's Neck and the Canal; nice schools of bass, some of them well above legal size, mixed in with some really fat bluefish. Foggy, rainy, and a bit of chop and wind, but definitely the best day so far this season. A couple of other boats around, but generally no real traffic. These fish should be cruising through the Ditch real soon. The fish were on small bait as they wouldn't touch the 10-inch Hogy, but really liked the seven-inch original and the six-inch skinny. Also managed to stay buttoned up to a bass on the fly after dropping several fish using the seven weight and a 200-grain fast sink line. I really got the jazz from Mike; Oh well, I guess I deserve it because what goes around comes around.
Friday, May 7: Woods Hole

No Fish For Us In The Hole, But Good Coffee

Mike and I ran out in his Pathfinder from Green Pond to check out the Hole and ran into Terry Nugent coming out of Falmouth Harbor. Apparently, they had a good day with blues yesterday, but when Mike spoke to them later on, things were pretty quiet. We had nothing to even get us excited in the Hole, although Mike was absolutely convinced that the presence of gulls and cormorants meant things were about to break wide open. Saw someone jigging Broadway, but did not notice if he was hooking up or not. Exciting news from Gene Bourque that he found good numbers of big schoolies feeding inside the Sandwich creeks and even more fish out front feeding on small bait.
Thursday, May 6: Nantucket Sound

Bluefish Action Continues

Good reports of bluefish once again for the boat guys, but spots like South Cape Beach and Sandy Beach have been very spotty. Joe Marcus told me he has been visiting South Cape morning and evening, with only a handful of blues being caught. Oregon Beach continues to be the best bet for numbers of bluefish, with the squid draggers focusing from Poppy to Hyannis with less than satisfying results. Canal appears to be fishing as well as any spot, with mackerel off the east end drawing bass right through.
Wednesday, May 5: Popponesset


Small bait around inside the creek and well up inside the bay has drawn in some schoolies, although no huge numbers yet. Bluefish sporadic as well for the shore guys, although boat commercial guys have picked up some good numbers this week. Word of some worm spawns around as well, but squid season has been a bust for most folks so far.
Tuesday, May 4: Buzzards Bay/Canal

Fish On The Move

Solid reports of schools of fish moving up Buzzards Bay and through the Canal; still no really big fish, but the migration is full on. Some of the larger fish are also poking around herring runs and backwaters that are holding smaller bait around Buzzards Bay. Water temperatures still on the edge of things breaking wide open - 50 to 52 degrees surface reading.
Monday, May 3: Popponesset

Good Day For A Walk

Got up early and walked the spit, although without a rod in hand. Lots of memories of this strand of sand, but it sure looks a lot different than when I was a kid. Folks keep moving sand around in hopes of protecting what they created, but it sure doesn't last. Word of schoolies inside Poppy and along the beaches from there to Cotuit with blues mixed in, although the cold front from yesterday slowed things down overall.
Sunday, May 2: Falmouth

Funny Weather Day

Caught up with some tying and getting gear ready, but managed to think about fishing. Unfortunately, weather went downhill as the day went on, with the temperature dropping a good 10 degrees or more and the wind starting to honk. Heard the blues were still around Cotuit and bass are marching through the Canal.
Saturday, May 1: Buzzards Bay

Bass Aplenty

Joe Marcus and I had little trouble finding bass on the incoming tide as they were all over from Stony Point Dike to Wareham. Decent sized fish that were pushing small bait, most likely sand eels. Lots of terns and other boats as well. Over in Cotuit, Barney Keezell called to say that he was thick into bluefish off of Oregon Beach and there were plenty of other anglers around.

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