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October 2010 Daily Fishing Reports

Monday, October 25: East End of Canal

Hogy Testing and Fishing

Since Mike Hogan had his boat moored in Sandwich in hopes of getting any last second shots at tuna, we decided to take his Pathfinder out to test some of his latest designs and see whether the bass were still around the east end of the Ditch. I give Mike a lot of credit for his ability to create offerings that catch fish, as well as the talent to tweak things to improve his baits. After watching what looked like a dogfish just cruising around massive schools of peanut bunker, we were treated to the sight of Atlantic saury, a member of the fish family that includes flying fish and ballyhoo, jetting out of the water as hungry bass pursued them. We finally did some fishing, caught a few bass, and decided that it really was cold enough to call it a morning.
Wednesday, October 20: East End of Canal

Make Up Day

Although the action wasn't quite as crazy as Montauk, I did get the chance to put Mark Tenerowicz into breaking fish off the east end of the Canal today. The action was pretty much non-stop on small soft plastics like Zoom's and there were some decent sized fish showing on top. Given that we had missed out on our Montauk date due to weather, I was glad that Mark had success and I got to hear about his striper fishing in Las Vegas.
Tuesday, October 18: Falmouth To Cotuit

Skinny Water Bass

I got the chance to fish with Paul Hindes and Chuck Bowmaster today, with some interesting results. Paul Hindes is the head of a company called Family Tyes that promotes fly fishing through curriculum development for schools; several years back, I fished with two of his students and their dad, and was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. We poked around some spots in Falmouth and Mashpee with no success before hitting the flats around Cotuit where we encountered some very nice bass that were pushing peanut bunker. Both flies and soft plastics worked and overall it was a good day, especially considering the date.
Monday, October 11: Montauk

Memories To Take Home

Bob Lewis had a shortened day on the water as he had to gather up his family and make his ferry reservation, but there was little problem finding plenty of action. Everyone, both boat and shore anglers, had shots at huge schools of fish; at times they were against the shore and at others they moved out to where the fleet was. When we said our good-byes, Bob assured me that Montauk will be on his schedule next year.
Sunday, October 10: Montauk

No Convincing Needed

One of the toughest things for a guide is when he tells someone how good the fishing is at a given spot and then it doesn't live up to the expectations. Bob Lewis, a member of the Osterville Anglers' Club, brought his family out for the holiday weekend and the village of Montauk has a great Columbus Day festival for the families to enjoy. There is actually a lot to see out at the Point and the neighboring villages. As for the fishing, I have a suspicion that Bob is convinced that Montauk is truly "The Mecca" in the fall. The striper action continued to build and they absolutely inhaled the Gummy Minnows that Bob tossed their way on the fly rod. The boat traffic was heavy, but the fish kept everyone busy and smiling. The seas were calm and the air was warm, as well, a real treat for that time of year.
Saturday, October 9: Montauk

Columbus Day Kickoff

There was a little more traffic on the water for the first day of the holiday weekend, but the fish were thick and showing wherever you looked, so Tom and Ed Colford had little trouble putting our light tackle to the test. The baitballs were spectacular to see and the water was churning so wildly at times you couldn't believe your eyes.
Friday, October 8: Montauk

The Boys Are Back In Town

The brothers Colford, Tom and Ed, once again made the trek to the Point and although there were only scattered sightings of albies, the bass and blues were as thick as thieves. It was more common to have doubles than have just one angler hooked up. Some of the bluefish were really good sized and full of their typical nastiness. Soft plastics ruled the day with the bass and the ride back to the harbor was filled with plenty of thanks for such an outing.
Thursday, October 7: Montauk

Pete and Repeat

See October 6 report because it was more of the same with Joe Marcus, as we sat and laughed at times at how lucky we were to experience this fishing. Just spectacular.
Wednesday, October 6: Montauk

Bass - Period!

I didn't think it was possible, but the bass were even thicker and more active today. Joe Marcus took some time to video the fish around us and it was incredible hearing the noise they made, even on a cell phone! Interesting that the fish seem larger on average and the baitballs were so noticeable that all you had to do was sit by one and wait for the fish to explode. Very cool stuff.
Tuesday, October 5: Montauk

Marcus Magic!

Although the previous day was a blowout for Joe Marcus, today began three days of magic for the maestro as he caught the tail end of the albies and the beginning of the best bass fishing I have experienced at Montauk. Acres of bass and blues were all around and you were so mesmerized by the sights and sounds that at times you would even stop fishing to marvel at such things.
Sunday, October 3: Montauk


What do you do in Montauk when the winds howl? You take a walk to the mouth of the harbor every half hour to check on conditions, and at noon I raced back to the room to tell Warren the time was now. We launched the boat post haste and made it to Shagwong where we found blues and then . . . albies! The next few days would prove that we were catching the tail end of the run, but we were catching funnies and that was all we cared about at the present.
Friday, October 1: Montauk

The Tempest

The winds came up and the rain poured down, washing away my annual trip with Mark Tenerowicz. With only one day scheduled, that is not right as Mark and I have enjoyed some great days here in the past. Warren and I tried to get out later in the day, but after a quick run to Gardiner's and Fisher's Islands, we saw no fish and got soaked on the way back as what looked to be a break in the weather was short-lived.

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