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September 2010 Daily Fishing Reports

Thursday, September 30: Montauk

Could A Change Be Coming?

Capt. Warren Marshall and I made the trip to New London today to catch the ferry over to Orient Point for my annual Montauk fishing. After a tough September on the Cape, I was hoping that a change in venue would pay off. When we got to the island and stopped off at Harvey Bennett's, the word was out that the albie fishing was great and we heard later that today was the best folks could remember. Of course, I had originally planned to be here yesterday, so I missed out, which had me wondering: could this be a bad omen?
Monday, September 27: The Sounds and The Islands

That Close!

It had been a couple of years since I got to fish with Jim Lee, so it was good to get together and catch up on what has been going on with his family. Of course, we also did some fishing with the long wand, ultimately finding some schools of albies off of Waquoit, one of which Jim put a hook into before it unfortunately came unbuttoned. We found scattered schools of funnies down to Woods Hole, but they weren't cooperating. Even some good water around the islands proved to be empty as the inconsistency of September continues.
Friday, September 24: The Elizabeths

An Introduction to Stripers

Jason Brooks was aboard today and he brought his friend, Woo Cha, with him. Woo lives in Chicago and hadn't caught a bass before, so I was glad to see schools showing outside of Robinson's on the change of the tide. None of the fish were legal sized, but they were aggressive and fun on light tackle, taking plastics, jigs, and plugs. Frankly, days like today are very important to a guide since they keep the optimism up that the season is going to continue, as overall September has been windy and tough.
Wednesday, September 22: Falmouth to Cotuit

Albie Insanity!

Joe Marcus and I made the ride down from Falmouth and stopped at all of the albie hotspots until we hit the fish from Cotuit to Centerville. The fish were active and showing well, but they showed us no love despite good shots with both the fly and spin. We did manage to get bit off by some small blues, but the funny fish gave us the fin today.
Monday, September 20: Nantucket Sound and the Hole

Finally Some Albies!

The albies finally showed in decent numbers off Popponesset today and I had the man for the job on the boat as Pat Widmer took advantage of some tough shots with the wind and chop for a nice fly rod catch. Lots of boats were working the area with a few charging about as the schools were showing quite aggressively, but as usual a patient, thoughtful approach worked best. Small flies were the order of the day along with light tippets.
Sunday, September 19: Barnstable Harbor

Long Wand Magic

What a great day to be on the water as Brett Chambers and I took advantage of Barnstable's magic, flyrodding bass from creek to flat. Brett has all the skills a guide looks for in tossing and working flies, as well as an approach to fishing that makes a day in the boat with him an absolute pleasure.
Tuesday, September 14: The Elizabeths

A Lesson Learned

Sometimes you learn the hard way, and that was certainly the case today as I took to the water for another nice fall day with Davis and Robert Yetman. We caught fish, both on fly and spin, and even had a few albies showing off Tashmoo, but the fun really began when I tried to get a fly line off the prop in Robinson's. With the wind and tide, we ended up gently bumping a few rocks and by that time it was too late for the motor, so I ended up jumping onto a rock and pushing us along until I could shove the boat out and Davis could drop the motor and idle out to safety. Fortunately, nobody was around to watch me being pulled along until I could step on the cavitation plate (with the engine off, of course!) and get lifted into the boat. The only thing I lost was a cellphone and car alarm fob, which were toast, and my pride. Lesson for the day: cut the line and motor out before removing it!
Sunday, September 12: Buzzards Bay and the Islands

Nothing Funny About This

Despite a lot of miles looking for funny fish, day two of the Harlan Plumley gathering produced a big goose egg on albies. Jay O'Leary and Mike James scraped up a few small bass, but even the big blues weren't playing nice. The wind and tough weather this September continued and I wonder if we are ever going to get a break.
Saturday, September 11: Buzzards Bay and the Islands

What A Difference A Year Makes

Today was day one of the Harlan Plumley fishing weekend and there was no repeat of the fantastic albie fishing we had last year, to say the least. A lot of folks hoped that the warm water this summer would produce a banner funny fish season, but that has not been the case. Buzzards Bay has overall been a bust, with most of the action from Falmouth to Cotuit, albeit sporadic, with just enough fish around the Vineyard to keep everyone crazy. The one saving grace today were the huge schools of big blues outside of Quick's that proved to be quite a challenge on the fly for Paul Bakstran and the father-son team of Dave and Sam James.
Friday, September 3: The Elizabeths

Another Pick

Mark Tenerowicz and I hit the water in the evening and he managed a pick of smaller bass on plugs and plastics, but overall the action on the islands continues to be inconsistent at best.
Thursday, September 2: Barnstable Harbor

One of the Good Days

Joining Ron Garcia today were his son-in-laws, Hoolie Wiese and Scott Pew, for a day of flyrodding the Barnstable area. We started working the creeks at first light and Scott hooked up with what I assumed was a really big bass, but instead turned out to be a big, nasty bluefish that I was surprised to see up tight in the skinny stuff. We poked around some of the flats for a few smaller bass and ended up with a solid pick of schoolies off Beach Point as the tide went outgoing. While Hoolie and Scott did most of the fish work, Ron and I got to share fish stories and talk about his adventures with some of the charterboat captains out of Falmouth Harbor.
Wednesday, September 1: Barnstable Harbor

In The Sun and By The Moon

I was tired of the sounds, so I went sight fishing in B-Harbor with Michael Beebe and it was great to be sight fishing in clear water again. I miss poling, even if it is on the bigger boat, and we connected a number of times, including one larger fish on the west bar that made a good run before breaking off. Finished with a schoolie blitz off the point that was a reminder of days past when it was possible to be into fish for hours on end. The night portion of my fishing adventures included Charles Garland and his friend, Gary. The creeks were quiet and Charles managed to raise one bass off Sandy Neck, but the main plan was to drift eels in the the channel. Things got off to a rough start with bluefish chops, but Charles connected with what looked like a good bass before it came unbuttoned. Surprisingly quiet once the tide got going, with the most excitement being towing some kids off the flat whose motor had broken down before passing them on to a large charterboat.

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