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April 2011 Daily Fishing Reports

Saturday, April 30: Wareham and Bourne


Mike Thomas at M & D's told me that the rivers up his way in Wareham produced some good action today on plugs and plastics. It definitely was a nice day, but I was painting a bathroom and managed to get to the plug show in Bourne as folks were closing up and heading home to watch the Bruins.
Friday, April 29: Homefront

Another Tough Week

Still no fish for yours truly; have heard of a few fish from the Falmouth salt ponds, Poppy, and Cotuit/Osterville, but no real strong push yet. Seems to be a bit more in the way of bait around and it just feels that something good should happen soon.
Thursday, April 28: The Basement


See yesterday!
Wednesday, April 27: The Basement


Better day to stay in the basement and work on equipment . . . and dream of Florida!
Tuesday, April 26: Waquoit Bay

He Who Hesitates . . .

doesn't take advantage of weather and perhaps catch a fish or two. This morning was warm and sunny, one of the first real nice days in April and I was looking forward to the afternoon when the water would have warmed up. Problem was, by the time I hit the water, the wind had picked up, the fog rolled in, and it had gotten cold. Ran into Joe Marcus and jumped on the skiff and we worked both inside and up by the entrance to the bay with no success, matching his report from his previous two hours on the water.
Monday, April 25: Not On The Water

Egg On My Face

When it comes to fishing, I have often said that guarantee nothing. Well, at my talk last week I responded to a question from Chuck Eastman that my first trip was today and that we would catch fish. The problem was a lack of fish being reported in all the usual April spots and colder than normal weather, so I rescheduled. After all, no reason to charge folks to prove there isn't anything around; I can do that myself!
Thursday, April 21: West Falmouth Library

Good to at Least Talk Fish

Had the opportunity to give a talk at the WFL and saw a number of familiar faces as well as got the chance to meet a number of new folks. Going through the presentation again, I was reminded how this season is starting out very slowly; in past seasons, we would have had good numbers of schoolies around in the backwaters. Then again, the problem may be a lack of small fish.
Wednesday, April 20: Bourne

Looking for Signs of Life

Took a ride around today looking to see if anything was stirring in the rivers or bays near the house, but I was disappointed. Water is still cold and not many people out on the water, whether from shore or boat.
Monday, April 18: Waquoit Bay

Tough Start

Splashed the boat for the first time this season and as Jim Lowe and I made our way from the ramp, the rain started to fall. Conditions felt more like March and we saw very little that suggested life. A few friends have been out, but nothing to report as of yet.

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