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May 2011 Daily Fishing Reports

Thursday, May 26: The Elizabeths

Find Birds, Find Fish

The fog never really burned off in spots down the islands today, but that didn't keep Norm Bouchard and Tim Murphy from a steady pick of bass and blues all day. Tim picked up a really nice bass on a bone 10-inch original Hogy and we had a number of other follows and swirls towards slack high and then it was off down the islands where the terns were going nuts over bass pushing bait to the surface. Things slowed after the initial push with the turn of the tide and we hit Cuttyhunk, but found little to be excited about, even tossing yellow pencils along southwest bluff with nothing to show for the effort with great looking water. Raced over to Menemsha to find the end of some bluefish action, but little else, and ended up back along the islands where we had blues on top on white stickbaits and bass on plastics down deeper.
Wednesday, May 25: The Elizabeths

The Colfords, Day Two

If possible, today was even better than our first trip on Monday. We found bass first, then an epic bluefish blitz, and then bass once again. Really cool sight of bait tightly packed so that it turned the water a coppery-red, almost like the bay anchovies do around Montauk. Perhaps they were some other kind of anchovy and the bluefish loved them. Lots of bass on Arkansas Shiner Sluggos, both on top and down deeper. And the sun came out, to the point where it was actually warm!
Tuesday, May 24: Errand Land

Trying To Get A Read On Things

It is pretty clear that the annual spring migration is on, as the fishing is hot in one spot one day, the fish move on, and things go quiet the next. Barnstable Harbor has not been as hot as last year, with the mackerel harder to come by and the fish smaller on average. The Canal has slowed, although there are smaller fish at the east end on top and larger fish down deep around Bell Road. Perhaps best bet is the west entrance to the Canal by boat and down the Elizabeths. Middle Ground has been empty for me so far, with no squid and no fish showing.
Monday, May 23: The Elizabeths

Oh, Those Colford Boys!

Tom and Ed Colford made good use of their first trip on the Katie G during their annual spring trip to the Cape. We had bass and blues all along the islands, with Rebel Jumpin' Minnows and Arkansas Shiner Sluggos on small jigheads working really well. Some of the bass were more than mere schoolies and they were well fed. Fog made it tough at times to find fish and it was cold, but the action was hot.
Sunday, May 22: Home

Pulling My Hair Out

The winds out of east, specifically northeast, continued today and I elected to postpone my first trip with Tom and Ed Colford. Word is the blues have been moving around and the Canal really slowed after the big push last week.
Saturday, May 21: Cotuit and Barnstable Harbor

Double Duty

Got the chance to help Bob Lewis from the Osterville Anglers' Club with some fly casting tips for Rich Haskel, Dale Robertson, and Frank Torbey from the club. The guys picked things up quickly and I think they are hooked on the long wand thing, especially since Rich and Dale picked up a pair of schoolies that were working inside Cotuit Bay. Afternoon saw me meet Jim Carroll and Dick Papke at Barnstable for the afternoon tide, but a wind shift really shut things down. Dick managed a bass inside one of the creeks on a Daiwa swimmer, but we saw very little in the way of bait or action for even the folks livelining mackerel.
Friday, May 20: West Entrance to Canal

Wild Fishing Continues

The action from yesterday continued today for Paul Dallalis, Ben Schneider, and Kathy Malone, although it was a bit more difficult to get on the fish with all the fog. We found bass rolling just outside Pocasset and there were some nice ones in the mix, but they were very fussy and often only swirled on the flies and Sluggos. Moved over towards the Canal and picked up a couple of real nice bass on plastics and flies. Eventually found fish from the dike over to Wareham and they were willing to eat flies. Interesting that with all the small bait, Ben probably did the best with the fly, including a number of fish we found working along the shore down to Woods Hole. Overall, a very enjoyable day.
Thursday, May 19: West Entrance to Canal


It seems that every bird and bass on the Cape decided to hit the west entrance to the Canal today. These weren't small fish, as Mark Tenerowicz and Derek Rappaport found out. Mark had success with Stickbaits like the Rebel Jumpin' Minnow and the Yo-zuri HydroPencil, as well as pearl Zoom Super Flukes and Arkansas Shiner Sluggos. Derek picked up a couple of nice bass on Sluggos and then shifted to the fly rod; prior to today, his long wand experience consisted of trout in Montana, but his first stripers today were all well over 30+-inches and he had one especially large one sound and rub the fly out on the bottom. Olive/white Half-and-Halfs and white Deceivers worked just fine. Even when the tide began to slack, we picked a few smaller fish around Hog Island and finished up with bass and a lone bluefish off of Wing's Neck as the tide turned to outgoing.
Wednesday, May 18: Southside Ponds, Bays, and Rivers

Bass Up Inside

While bluefish continue to dominate the front beaches, up inside spots like Waquoit and Cotuit, folks continue to find some good bass fishing. Earlier in the week there was a worm spawn up inside Waquoit according to Jim Young, but the days have gotten colder and the fish are hitting much better when one tide or another brings in water that is a degree or two warmer. Heard from Mike Thomas at end of day that the Canal went off big time today.
Tuesday, May 17: Woods Hole

First Cast Curse

Mike Hogan and I fell victim to what I call the First Cast Curse as he connected with a nice bass on his first cast after only two cranks of the handle. Of course, the fish made a beeline across a rock and cut Mike off and after that we had no other interest of any kind. Amber seems to be the hot color for Hogy's right now. I later went out and made a couple of trips along Hog and Mashnee Islands, but the wind was up at that point and I got soaked in the rain. Seems the curse carried out into the afternoon.
Monday, May 16: South Cape Beach

Singing The Blues

No shortage of bluefish at South Cape Beach, according to my nephew, Frank, who picked up a dozen or so while dodging rain drops this afternoon. Lot of people there, repeating what Jim Young from Eastman's told me about the area yesterday. Better reports on bass to 30+-inches taking flies inside Popponesset and Cotuit.
Sunday, May 15: Barnstable Harbor

Back To The Bummer

Hit B-Harbor with Joe Marcus with high hopes and, of course, everyone said I should have been there yesterday. Whether it was a wind shift or tide, the action was much slower than what folks said it was yesterday. The flats were dead and the only activity we saw was around the creeks, but that resulted in only one very small fish. Mackerel liveliners were out there and it might have been that the fish were holding deeper.
Saturday, May 14: The Sounds and The Islands

Found The Big Day

Spent a little time in Waquoit with Barney Keezell and Dana Smith where we found some schoolies willing to inhale Zoom Super Flukes. Hit the Hole and Middle Ground with nothing to show, but ran into massive schools of blluefish that provided non-stop action. They were filled with scup, squid, and silversides and Barney took to saltwater fly fishing with four good blues on the long wand. Frankly, haven't seen that many blues of that size on top for that long in quite a while.
Friday, May 13: Buzzards Bay

Missed By That Much

Hit the bay with Frank Lockard and caught tail end of activity off Wing's Neck, but by that time fish were moving down the bay. I went looking the other way and found very little to suggest that there were so many fish on top earlier. Maritime was quiet, as was Wareham. Did manage some swirls and finally one decent schoolie in Megansett, but still searching for a big day.
Friday, May 6: From Land

Blues and Bass Arrive With Wind

Solid reports of blues both on southside and in Buzzards Bay, just in time with all of the squid around and a steady southwest blow yesterday. Bass also thick under terns in Buzzards Bay that are picking off sand eels. Need to get out to the shoals in the sounds because with all of the squid around, the bass may be around in good numbers earlier.
Thursday, May 5: Buzzards Bay

What Gives?

At 5 AM, it looked like the rain had moved out and there was a good amount of blue sky, providing some high hopes for a good day on the water with Mark Tenerowicz. After working Mashnee Island, Buttermilk Bay, and Megansett with only two swirls from barely interested fish, we both admitted it was cold and that things didn't look any more promising as the day went on. In fact, it is raining as I write this and tomorrow it is supposed to blow stink.
Wednesday, May 4: Preparation


Finally got the chance to do a little more prep on the boats and equipment; hoped that I would be able to get out after working a game at Cape Cod Academy, but the grey and cold settled in, precursors of rain that started to fall as I drove home. This is getting discouraging.
Tuesday, May 3: In The Truck


Unlike yesterday when work had me running around, today it was taking care of errands and promises: deliver Jim Young's boat to the mechanic, get a plate and registration for the new trailer, and finalize details about the MA boat charter licenses. And then get to Bourne for a lacrosse game to top things off. Seems like any fishing news is missing.
Monday, May 2: In The Truck

Unfinished Projects

I hate when things I should have done interfere with being on the water, especially when there are reports of fish moving up the bay. Spoke with Gene Bourque and he told that he picked up his first fish of the year up by the Canal on a Hogy and it was close to 30-inches.
Sunday, May 1: Buzzards Bay


I had high hopes for my first trip with Frank Lockard, but as the morning progressed and the wind kicked up out of the east/northeast, my optimism waned. We tossed Hogy's in some proven early season spots, including Monument Beach and the Weweantic, but raised nothing. Water temperatures were from about 50 in the open water and up to 54 inside. Plenty of marks indicating bait, but called things short when the cold and wind combined for a good chill.

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