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August 2012 Daily Fishing Reports

Thursday, August 30: The Elizabeths and The Hole

Family Fun

After our trip last year was cancelled due to the arrival of what proved to be a tropical storm, this morning proved to be calm and bright as I had the pleasure of fishing with Jerry Korde, his son-in-law David Comito and his children, Sam, Max, and Matt. The tide wasn't pulling like it had been, making for some sluggish striper action, although David did manage a schoolie on a Sluggo, so I opted for a run at slack tide to the Hole for some scup angling. And let me tell you: those kids proved to be masters at dealing with these little battlers! I was in constant motion as I baited hooked and released fish, with doubles quite common, including some really impressive scup. There were some small sea bass in the mix and the excited cries of "I have one!" were magic to my ears. The wind started to kick up and I elected to call it a morning, but it was certainly an action filled trip for this wonderful family.
Wednesday, August 29: State Beach

Sticking With It

The wind was howling this morning, giving me pause about the prospects of getting in a morning of flyrodding for albies with Dave Nelson and Gerrit Frase, but we elected to give it a whirl. Gerrit and I made the run across to Vineyard Haven and picked Dave up and I was wondering if were snake bit as Gerrit's fly rod broke as he was rigging it up, meaning he was going to have to rely on his back-up. Once we made it around Oak Bluffs, we were in a bit of a lee and there were some decent schools of albies busting here-and-there. The wind made it tough and our shots weren't what I had hoped for, but Gerrit finally got off a great cast and hooked up with a fish that just wouldn't quit, making several long runs before he masterfully worked it back to the boat. I was disappointed that Dave didn't manage to hook up with one of these speedsters, but I hope the sight of them ripping it up and Gerrit's hooting and hollering will have him back next year for another shot.
Monday, August 27: The Elizabeths

Throwing Down The Gauntlet

It was a picture perfect morning for a trip that I knew would be a lot of fun as Larry Roberts and his son-in-law Bruce Thibault were all set for a day of friendly fishing, with plenty of banter thrown in. Last year, Larry fished all morning despite essentially missing a knee, as a complication resulted in the surgeon having to remove the prosthetic that he had inserted, leaving a gap where it should have been. Despite the pain and challenge, he caught plenty of fish and never complained once. This time, Larry was fully healed physically and he never missed a trick as he needled Bruce all trip long, although the latter was up to his old tricks as well. The bass were super active and were all over the Hogy's until the tide slacked, at which point we tried the Hole, where a school of snappers kept after lures that were bigger than they were. One of the benefits of being a guide is being on the water with great people who provide endless entertainment; there is little doubt that Larry and Bruce have made the top of my list in this arena!
Sunday, August 26: The Vineyard and The Elizabeths

A Head Scratcher

A day that started out with some fun with blues around Menemsha proved to be a tough go for Nate Porter, who brought along his friends Jeremy Walker, Scott Marks, and Greg Nickinello. Barney Keezell told me that he had enjoyed some good shallow water action on big bass during his stay on the island; we saw a shore angler pick up a nice fish, but other than small choppers that were relentless in their pursuit of topwaters, we had no takers from bass. From there, it was a matter of throwing the kitchen sink along the Elizabeths, from pencil poppers to Hogy's and even eels, but all we managed to scare up were more blues. A last minute run over to State Beach to see if any albies were around also proved fruitless. But as is often the case, the company can save the day and it my sides were aching by the end of the day as I laughed at the tales this foursome spun of their daily trips to Nantucket, where three of them work while one is part of the crew on the ferry. I suggested that they should put together a show script and submit it to a producer since it would make a great TV show as their stories and recollections were hilarious.
Saturday, August 25: The Vineyard and The Hole

A Last Minute Success

Davis Yetman and I made the trip over to Oak Bluffs to pick up his daughter, Hailey, for a day on the water. Davis and Hailey have one of those relationships that makes one smile; she is an incredibly intelligent and patient young lady who clearly enjoys her dad's company. We worked the Hole with plugs and plastics with no success and even spots in the sounds and around the Vineyard were quiet, although Hailey stuck with it and produced a fish on a topwater around Vineyard Haven. She is an excellent caster and even picked up the fly rod; she has taken a few lessons in the past and I suspect that once we manage to get some fish hooked up, she will enjoy it as much as her dad.
Thursday, August 23: Barnstable Harbor


Despite what should have been a good tide, the edges and flats around Barnstable proved to be disappointing today as I hosted Davis and Robert Yetman. Davis and I had a great day last season on the flats and we were hoping that Robert would see what this fishery is all about, but despite plenty of casting and water covered, other than a few whacks on a soft plastic for Robert, it was a tough go. Fortunately, the wind wasn't too bad and we were even able to work some deeper edges, but the fish made a monkey of me by offering a big piece of humble pie.
Wednesday, August 22: The Elizabeths

Grandmother/Grandson Magic

It was back to the spot along the islands that has been good to me recently with Peggy Striegel and her grandson Ethan Webber for some light tackle and fly rod action. Peggy spends a great deal of time fishing the long wand out west and Ethan is a youngster who has caught the fishing bug, which makes for a great combination. Hogy's worked very well on the stripers and we worked on extra hard on making the transition from trout sticks to a nine weight, which is no easy task. The weather continues to be outstanding recently and the fishing wasn't too hard to take, either.
Monday, August 20: The Elizabeths

A Special Day

Today was one of those really special days as Mark Tenerowicz, who usually fishes with me alone or with one of his angling friends, brought along his daughters Gates and Kate. I had the opportunity to fish with Gates a couple of years back, but this was Kate's first time on the Katie G. I knew it was going to be an interesting day when the girls asked Mark where it was that he fell off the boat several years back, an event that led to the installation of rails on my boat, although they had been in the works anyway. We visited a pocket along the islands that has been good to me recently and the schoolies certainly didn't disappoint, leading to a little contest between Mark and Kate against Gates and I. The back-and-forth was even more fun than the fishing as Mark and his daughters have a great time together due to their great wit. Bone Hogy's continued to prove their worth and this fishing family sure knows how to make them work their magic. All-in-all, it proved to be a perfect day, weatherwise and in terms of company.
Sunday, August 19: The Vineyard

Hit and Run Albies

It was a short trip with Sandy Reid this morning, and with some reports of albies busting off of State Beach, we headed to the Vineyard. There were some small pods around, but they were tough to get on and the wind was tough as well. We probably had two good shots, certainly not a scenario that means good funny fish angling. We broke off and went down the islands, but with a limited window of opportunity, we could only hit a few spots that proved to be inundated with snapper blues. Capt. Sandy ran the boat home while I settled on the cooler seat, which is always worth doing so I can get some perspective on what it feels like for folks to be sitting up front on the Katie G.
Friday, August 17: The Elizabeths

Fly Fishing At Its Best

Today I got the chance to catch up with Jim Schoenwetter, a dedicated flyrodder I had the chance to fish with last year thanks to a recommendation from my nephew Frank's wife, Eileen. Jim is one of those calm, collected anglers who keeps things in perspective and takes instruction well, and as a result, catches fish as he did today. The islands were holding plenty of schoolies and we continued the pattern of doing very well with small offerings in spots with good current. These fish have been aggressive and very willing to play.
Thursday, August 16: The Elizabeths

Another So-So Night

Got together with Dana Wilson and Bob Pease for another night trip along the islands, but first we started with tossing poppers at bluefish that were buzzing on the backside of Naushon. After getting the action started, it was off to spots that had been producing some decent stripers to toss Mr. Wiggly and we did manage some fish, but not the quality I was hoping for. As it usually is at night, we enjoyed a great show from the moon and stars.
Tuesday, August 14: The Elizabeths

Perseverance Pays Off

This was my third time trying to get Jon Rounds on the water and today ended up being absolutely perfect, in terms of conditions and fish. Joining was Joe Marcus and we started off in Robinson's with schoolies very willing to take white Deceivers. It seems that this season we have done as well if not better around the Elizabeths with flies and soft plastics than even eels during the day. With a good tide shaping up in the Hole, we worked a lot of very active fish and once again they were all over the flies. Joe even fooled around with his new ten weight and a floating line; it was a real challenge with the heavy current to get the proper drift, but after my yammering about having to mend immediately, he got the swing and a number of fish. Fishing with great folks like Jon and Joe, and being able to put them together since the folks Jon was originally going to fish with couldn't make it, is one of the most rewarding parts of guiding.
Friday, August 10: Chatham

The Chatham Fog

First time this year I have run into the infamous Chatham fog, and combined with a snappy wind, I had to cancel with Ellen Silbergeld, who had made the drive to meet me there. We spoke in the parking lot and decided that discretion was the better part of valor, a real disappointment given that it was our last chance to get on the water before Ellen heads off for sabbatical and work on a book she has been planning.
Thursday, August 9: Woods Hole and The Sounds

Monster Scup for Dinner

The plan today was to get fish for dinner for Michael Beebe, Ruth Anderson, and Freddy Cobey and the scup certainly didn't disappoint. Michael helped me bait hooks for Ruth and Freddy who had constant action on some really big scup as it didn't take long to catch enough for everyone. On the Ugly Stick combos that I have for bottom fishing. there was no lack of action on every drift, including some very small sea bass that hopefully mean good fishing in the future for these great battlers. After that, we went in search of bluefish, but Hedge Fence was quiet. We finally found some at L'Hommedieu, but I continue to have problems getting them into the boat. Plugs didn't work, but they loved Hogy's; I know soft plastics only mean one fish per bait, but you do what you have to. Said good-bye to Michael and Ruth as they are headed back to California, but I hope to see them in the spring next year, as well as the late summer/fall, to get into the early season stripers.
Wednesday, August 8: The Vineyard and Elizabeths


Today's trip proved once again how important timing the tides is. I picked up Barney Keezell and his friend Steve Caplow in Menemsha and we had blues all over Dogfish Bar. Barney and Steve had found bass finning the day before, but it was pretty obvious that they had moved to deeper water as the sun came up. Later on during his stay, Barney picked up a nice striper on a Jumpin' Minnow and said they were pretty active before sun-up, finning on the flats. After the blues, we tossed eels around Gay Head with no luck, so it was off the Elizabeths. No love at Cuttyhunk on plugs and had nothing to show on eels as we worked what should have been prime areas; seems the daytime eel action remains off from what was its heyday when I first started guiding. With a good tide at the corner of Quick's, I headed there posthaste and on the same casts, Barney and Steve hooked up with a pair of very nice bass on larger pearl Zoom Super Flukes. We made the same drift a couple of times with no other fish to show as the tide advanced beyond the turn and other boats had anchored up above us, limiting us to a short stretch of shoreline. Seems that soft plastics are definitely the way to go with smaller bait around.
Tuesday, August 7: Woods Hole

Just A Wonderful Evening

The stars aligned perfectly for an evening trip with Tom and Karen Tierney with a beautiful sunset, plenty of fish, and good conversation. I have been fishing with the Tubing Tierneys for a long time, something I was reminded of when I recalled that their younger son, Braden, is now headed off to Duke and I first met him when he was about 10. Boy, does time fly! When I met Tom and Karen at the dock, I emphasized that they pass on to Braden how disappointed I was that he had elected to visit his girlfriend in Nantucket rather than go fishing. Frankly, at his age I was one of those strange kids whose fancy turned more to fish with stripes than the opposite sex, but they have had more to do with my lack of confidence in attracting young ladies. Both Tom and Karen picked up bass on Zooms, with Karen picking up the fish of the night as the tide slowed, a time when the larger bass often elect to feed as they don't have to work against the current and can pick up bait without much effort. We ended the night with Tom doing a great job of duplicating a fly rod dead drift, putting the small plastic upcurrent of where fish were holding and letting it swing into the strike zone where they rose willingly. It was fun too watch, but not as enjoyable as it was for Tom to execute the cast and controlled drift. Nights like these will make anyone understand why fishing in the peace and quiet of darkness is something extra special.
Monday, August 6: Woods Hole and The Elizabeths

Always A Blast!

Morning storms get us off the water, but mid-afternoon saw me back on the water with Tim Negronida and his sons, Grady, Riley, and Cole. This is a trip I always look forward to and I was not disappointed in any way. Tim and his wife, Jane, have raised a trio of the greatest young men you could imagine, and other than their giving Tim a lot of jazz there is nothing they enjoy more than fishing. We started by tossing plugs along Naushon, but despite a good tide, nobody wanted to play. Only one fish swirled half-heartedly at a stick bait, continuing a pattern that suggests to me that warmer water and high sunshine have made the bass lazy, since it is not uncommon to pick up fish on plastics in the same stretch where we have just been using topwaters. Even worked a spot that has been a schoolie aquarium on the Buzzards Bay side, at which point the tide in the Hole was ready and it didn't disappoint. A competition ensued, with Tim and Cole taking on the two older sons and let's just say that Grady and Riley took a bit of a thumping. Small pearl Super Flukes did the trick, and Cole thoroughly enjoyed reminding his elder siblings who was the better angler on this occasion. As we said our good-byes, I suggested that next year we do a few fly casting lessons and then really see who is tops!
Monday, August 6: The Elizabeths

Just Plain Disappointment

After dropping the Negronidas off in Falmouth Harbor, I did a quick turnaround and headed to the Hole to pick up Michael Beebe for a nighttime fly rod trip. I don't have many folks who want to even try the long wand at night, but Michael is a good caster and had done plenty of angling in the dark when he was living in Vancouver, so I had high hopes for something special. Simply put, it was not to be as we got skunked despite working some big, sexy black Deceivers and Popovics' Semper Fleyes in spots that should have been teeming with bass on a really good tide. Even slinging some big Hogy's produced El Zippo, leaving me chagrined, to say the least.
Saturday, August 4: The Elizabeths

Fog, Eels, and Happy Fish

I love the expression "happy fish" that guides in Florida often use to describe fish on the flats that are willing to eat and the fog along the islands had Scott Arnold and his two boys, Jake and Chase, and grandpa Jeff Arnold had a ball with what were "ecstatic" fish. Tossed a few plugs at a school of blues that disappeared as fast as it showed, but it was time to take advantage of a good tide and low light conditions. For the first time for me in a while, we happened up some nice bass rolling on top and Jake proved to be very adept at picking up fish on the Zoom's. I have been using the larger pearl version with great results and the fish swirled and chewed on them quite nicely. But things only got better farther down the islands as big bass slammed our eels in a way that reminded me of days past when even in high sunshine we would have multiple big fish pursuing our snakes. Everyone got into the action and Jake and Chase proved to be as adept at angling as their two cousins, Niko and Alec, who I had the pleasure of fishing with last week. Must be something about that Georgia water!
Thursday, August 2: Barnstable Harbor

An Introduction To Our Flats

Although we had talked about Chatham, Joe Silvio was even more game for seeing Barnstable and the flats that I just love. We hit the water mid-afternoon and the wind produced enough chop that it was hard to see the fish and they were on us way too fast. Fortunately, blind casting produced a very healthy fish on a sand eel Clouser and it put on quite a performance. As the tide dropped, larger fish moved in through the channels to chow on sand eels that were being picked over by terns, but we lost the water and the wind kicked up even more. This was one time that it would have been good to have had waders as more and more dry sand appeared, threatening to put even the Mitzi high and dry.
Wednesday, August 1: Woods Hole

As Good As It Gets

Today was day one of a two trip schedule with Joe Silvio, a great person and flyrodder from Maryland who was up visiting the Cape for a conference. Joe's schedule had us meeting after noon, when a perfect tide in the Hole had Joe busy with plenty of schoolie action. The fish were charging after small bait that looked like tiny squid and a very small white bunny did the trick. Although many of the fish were really small, there were some bigger characters in the mix. After the surface commotion slowed, we still managed to pick up fish on the dead drift. Boy do I love fly fishing!

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