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October 2012 Daily Fishing Reports

Wednesday, October 10: Montauk

Crazy Fools Are We

Plenty of wind and rain greeted Joe and Todd Marcus and their intrepid captain this morning, with Todd electing to let us tough it out on our last day together in Montauk for this year. Joe and I battened down the hatches and cinched up the foulies a bit tighter, picking up some blues that far outnumbered the albies at Shagwong, with the fleet making it out late morning after we had found ourselves to be one of the few boats to venture forth earlier. We did enjoy some quiet time casting to likely looking water around Culloden, but with no takers. Shagwong was still rocking and rolling when we visited one last time before calling it a day and settling for a hot shower and a welcome bowl of chowder.
Monday, October 8: Montauk

Father And Son

The final three days of my stay in Montauk were booked with Joe and Todd Marcus. Over the years, I have heard plenty of tales from Joe about his trips to out-of-the-way spots with Todd when they were younger and I really relished this opportunity to be on the water with them since running a brewing business has kept the latter from spending as much time on the water with his dad. Although there were still plenty of bass around, the albies were starting to thin out a bit, but we managed to get Todd his first Fat Albert on the fly and had a great time with stripers both on the long wand and spinning tackle. Joe is truly a generous soul and I know that he enjoyed watching Todd cast and hook up as much, if not more, than if he had been on the holding the rod himself.
Sunday, October 7: Montauk

Bad Captain!

Although Bob Lewis once again proved to adept at catching albies wherever we ventured today, I hoped for better fortune on bass, but encountered a few too many antics that got me off on the wrong foot. I'm embarrassed to say that the Montauk Mania finally got to me later in the day when a local captain who had nosed us off a school of stripers earlier came so close to us at Shagwong as a pod of albies erupted next to the boat that his gunwale was within touching distance. To say the least, Bob got to hear what a Greek temper sounds like, after which I offered my apologies for acting so unprofessionally. Bob is a true gentleman, and while he acknowledged that he was a bit peeved at this character's conduct, that was no consolation for me as I should know better.
Saturday, October 6: Montauk


I had my fingers crossed and offered an extra sacrifice to the weather gods with Bob Lewis in town for his annual Columbus Day adventure. Bob had made the effort to visit a little over a week ago to get one more day of fishing in, but it blew like stink and all we did was get wet. We were in luck as we encountered some wind and rain leaving the harbor, but the fish didn't seem to care and Bob proved that he has become a master in this albie game. The bass were another story as we managed to get on some schools, but maneuvering around other boats proved to be a real challenge, oftentimes just pushing in to spots where they cut off other folks from casting or ran right over their lines. Bob was particularly pleased with the size of the albies he caught as the fish on the Cape this season, particularly late in the season, were on the smallish size. At Montauk, they pulled some serious string.
Thursday, October 4: Montauk

The Man With The Golden Touch

It's always a good day when I get to fish with Tom Colford because he loves to fish and his excitement at seeing and catching bass, blues, and albies is second to none. Warren Marshall was aboard again and it was a spirited contest to see whether Tom with his spinning rod or Warren with a fly stick would prove to be high hook, but I think in the end, nobody really cared as there was no lack of action for either one of them. One of the best things about Montauk in the fall is that even if you leave breaking fish, as we did on our way back to the harbor, there is a very high likelihood that they will still be there the next day - weather permitted, of course.
Tuesday, October 2: Montauk

A Partner In Crime

With the albie season winding down on the Cape, with mainly smaller fish around, Capt. Warren Marshall elected to join Gerry Fine and I on the water at the Point and there was no disappointment expressed on the Katie G. From Shagwong to the Point and spots to the west, there was constant action for both anglers as they worked in concert to see if it were possible not to be hooked up. Gerry was on his A game, including mastering the hand-over-hand strip and accurately putting the fly right into any number of melees. The highlight might have been my taking a cast as Gerry and Warren were taking a break for lunch. I hooked up on a really nice albie, and after putting the wood to it and executing a clean release, I looked over to see Warren casting with a half eaten sandwich sticking out of his mouth. That guy just can't stand not casting if there are fish around. As one of his anglers once asked, "Aren't you satiated yet?"
Monday, October 1: Montauk

A Triple Winner

Today was my first day on the water with Gerry Fine, who was experiencing Montauk for the first time. Gerry is one of the funniest folks I know and he brings a positive approach to fishing that is an absolute pleasure to be around and the fact that he enjoyed the best three day block of fishing I have experienced at The End was a just reward. With nobody else aboard, getting excellent shots at huge, active schools of bass and albies was no problem. It didn't take Gerry long to get back into the groove with the fly rod and the sound of a singing Tibor was in our ears all day. One of the keys to success was changing flies when the fish turned their noses up at our offerings, with the bass particularly enjoying larger flies that stood out among all the rain bait. The weather also cooperated for three days, with some wind today, but plenty of sunshine, to the point where all the activity had Gerry and I removing layers of clothing and enjoying the pleasures of Indian Summer.

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