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September 2012 Daily Fishing Reports

Sunday, September 30: Montauk

A Little Rain Must Fall

Barney Keezell was a little grumpy about the light rain we had this morning, but his mood brightened as the gray skies brightened bit and we were able to remove the foul weather gear. As was the case yesterday, he and Dana Wilson had little trouble with the quality of the fishing as there schools of sizeable bass and more than enough albies to go around. Small metals and Hogy's worked very well, but we also had some action on surface plugs, one of our favorite ways to catch fish. Montauk is an interesting place because you have to deal with more than a few folks who clearly have no idea what they are doing, with one of Barney's fish running under the hull of an angler who cut directly between us and the shore, resulting in a lost plug and bass. That's the game around here some of the time.
Saturday, September 29: Montauk

Back In The Groove

Day one of their annual trip to Montauk proved to be as fishy as they come, with Barney Keezell and Dana Wilson hooked up all day on albies and bass. Metals such as Yo-zuri L-Jacks and Maria Jigs proved to be very effective, as did the seven-inch Amber Hogy. Fishing with this duo is always a treat, as they really enjoy being on the water despite my occasional colorful commentary. Thanks, guys, for your understanding.
Friday, September 28: Montauk

A Bummer Of A Blowout

Bob Lewis had made the ferry trip over the day before despite the possibility of strong winds to fish along with Sandy Reid, and the weather just wouldn't give us any kind of a chance as we made the rocky ride over to Gardiner's Island to look for a lee after trying to bang to the Point. What a disappointment, but those are the cards that the fall can lay down on the table around Montauk.
Thursday, September 27: Montauk

That Lady Can Throw Some Line

That was the comment from the boats around us as Sandy Reid made it back to Montauk on a perfect day for fishing and showed off her prowess with the fly rod and, most importantly, her love of the sport. There were plenty of albies and bass around, but getting the hook into them proved to be more difficult than I had hoped, although as is always the case with this great lady angler, Sandy really enjoys her days on the water.
Tuesday, September 25: Montauk

A Trip That Paid Off Handsomely

Due to a meeting at work, Mark Tenerowicz had only today to fish and after the ferry ride over and drive to work, we got on the water around mid-morning and all the stars aligned as we enjoyed an epic day of bass and albie blitzes. It was another of those Montauk days where you find yourself stopping and just admiring the action. After catching any number of fish on the spin, Mark even tried his hand on the fly and despite having some really big bass slam the bug when tossed into schools of frothing fish, we weren't able to pull off the trick. But in the end, I hope he has set a goal for getting that long wand thing figured out in the salt.
Saturday, September 22: Montauk

Bass In Absentia

Today proved to be much better for casting, as Joe Silvio and Steve Paley starting out by dredging fast sink lines and big flies off the Point in hopes of coaxing up a bass or two that seemed to be holding deep in the water column. That proved fruitless, so the rest of the trip was spent tossing flies at albies, which were everywhere and very willing to eat wherever we encountered them. There were plenty of boats on the water, but there was little problem finding our own schools of fish to toss flies and metals at.
Friday, September 21: Montauk

Warm But Windy

My first fishing day at The End was with Joe Silvio and his friend, Steve Paley. Joe and I had fish on the Cape in August for bass and we hoped for some of the incredible bass action that takes place in Montauk in the fall. What we got instead was your typical albie fishing, with good numbers of fish around, but the wind and seas were up, making for tough shots and tricky footing on the deck. But at least it was warm, with tomorrow holding the promise of lighter winds and hopefully some bass.
Monday, September 17: Nantucket Sound

Finesse With The Fly Rod

A perfect morning greeted Davis Yetman and I as we left Falmouth Harbor to chase albies along the south side with the long wand. As I had been hearing since my return from overseas, the action was strong from Cotuit to Osterville and Davis did a great job putting the fly into the fish, producing some music to our ears as the Tibors sang. There were fish popping up all day, with some of them right along the beach, but as is often the case with funny fish, sometimes they were in an eating mood and at others they snubbed our offerings. We changed flies quite often, as well as tippet sizes, but as they day went along and the current slowed, the albies seemed more hit-and-miss. Capt. Warren Marshall was on the water as well and left before us to head west, and when the wind started to kick, we made our move back to Falmouth and checked in with him. He had encountered a great blitz off Waquoit, but by the time we arrived, all we found was a few fish showing and a good number of boats that apparently had lost their minds when things were really cooking.
Saturday, September 16: Upper Buzzards Bay

Not In The Cards

After a day of recovery following a great vacation in Ireland, during which I didn't touch a rod despite my bringing along some equipment, I got together today with Warren Turner and his young angler neighbor, Duncan Hay. This duo has a great situation, with Warren not wanting to fish by himself and Duncan always available to jump in the boat. We had to postpone a number of times earlier in the season, but I was hoping that we would encounter similar fishing to what we had found during the same period last season. Alas, there were no fish moving out of the Canal into the west entrance, most likely due to the presence of the "rust tide," or algae bloom that had put a damper on the action around the upper bay throughout much of the summer. We did find some very nice action on schoolies in one of the local coves that clobbered Zoom Super Flukes, but I didn't manage to put us on the larger bass I had been hoping for and promised to be in touch in the spring when the big fish start to move through.
Saturday, September 1: Nantucket Sound

A Day With A Friend

With our anniversary trip to Ireland on the immediate horizon, I managed to put together one last day on the water, this time with my friend, Capt. Warren Marshall. The albie season is starting to percolate, so we put in plenty of time on the water, from first light to our return as the sun was setting. We found some really solid schools as we hit Succonesset Point, with Warren hooking up on the first group of fish we encountered. From there on in, it was a great day on the water, with solid activity from Mashpee on down to Osterville. Warren is big on changing flies when a number of casts don't produce results, including different colors and sizes of his favorite albie pattern. He also changed leaders when the tippet got short or he felt lighter material was the way to go, something that anglers don't consider when they are chucking right into breaking fish and getting no response. This kind of flexibility is one of the reasons he catches fish when others are going empty. It was a perfect day, with plenty of sunshine and harbingers of even better things to come.

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