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May 2013 Daily Fishing Reports

Wednesday, May 22: Anywhere The Wind Can Blow!


I can't publish it based on this report program, but what started today continued right through Sunday, May 26 as the wind and rain just wouldn't let up and it kept me off the water for far too long. I have been left wondering if this is some sort of precursor of what is going to take place all season long, but I remain optimistic that the weather is going to improve - at least for the moment!
Tuesday, May 21: Barnstable Harbor

A Reminder of Things Past

It has been a while since I had the chance to fish with Mark Bennett and today he brought along his college age son, Matt, who was a lot smaller the last time I saw him. They had fished Popponesset the morning before and found good numbers of bass in the 30+-inch class in the entrance channel on larger soft plastics fished deep with jigheads, but today we were inundated with schoolies that took smaller, thinner plastics that imitated the shoals of sand eels better. This trip reminded me of the first time I was introduced to B-Harbor by the late Steve Shiraka; it was the early 90's when striper stocks were on the upswing and I will be forever grateful to this great angler for showing me what the northside of the Cape is all about after focusing for most of my life on the southside and the islands.
Monday, May 20: Barnstable Harbor

A Change of Venue

I hoped to take advantage of the kind of mid-May fishing that B-Harbor is noted for with the Colford brothers and we found plenty of schoolies willing to take sand eel soft plastics. The big bass around Scudder were not there despite a very early start and good tide; I have counted on them whacking topwater plugs at this point, but each season is a bit different and this spring remains a case in point.
Sunday, May 19: The Elizabeths

Getting Together With The Best

There are few folks I look forward to fishing together with more than Tom and Ed Colford as they are excellent at fishing artificials, enjoy angling, and spending time together on the water. As has been the case so far this May, the action has been a little slow to get started, with no squid to speak of and cold water. Still, we found bass along the islands and some blues as well, but it was interesting fishing Cuttyhunk on a perfect tide and not finding the type of action we had over the last couple of years at this time of year.
Saturday, May 18: The Elizabeths and The Sounds

Double Duty

My morning trip today was with Steve and Stephanie Ide; it was a lot of fun hearing about the prior fishing adventures of this father/daughter duo. While they had previously spent time fishing bait, especially live scup, it was something different today as they took on casting for bass and blues. We found some bass along the islands and happy bluefish down around Cuttyhunk. I managed to get together with Beryl Bedard and crew, including mother Aida, sister Saphir, and friend Charles. We found small blues at the mouth of Waquoit and after a crowd formed there, we went down along South Cape Beach and tossed topwater plugs to willing blues. It was interesting having comments from the shorebound folks thrown our way as well as their plugs despite the fact I was confident we were outside their range and wouldn't have any impact on their fishing.
Friday, May 17: Buzzards Bay and the Elizabeths

A Stellar Day

Today was by far an A+ affair on the water as Paul Bakstran and John Fabiano had plenty of blues and bass to deal with pretty much all day. We found the west entrance surprisingly quiet; although I like the incoming tide this time of year, the outgoing has been productive as well in the past. That was not the case today as it was quiet from the Mashnee Flats on up to Onset. There were a few boats working the edge of the Canal from the Maritime Academy to the Onset rip, but I had other ideas in mind. So it was off to the Hole where we found an amazing bluefish blitz outside, with fish swirling and flashing all over the surface in the bright sunshine. The rising tide spread the action out, but we came upon more blues around Quick's on our way to Cuttyhunk. Even with water temperatures in the low 50's, the choppers were incredibly active and Paul with the spin and Jack on the fly had consistent action. But the best was yet to come as we happened upon bass working all along Naushon, both right tight to the beach and in open water. Most of what we had were schoolies, but there were some just legal fish as well. The blues spit up small bait that looked like very young sea herring or silversides, but they also had a reddish tinge like bay anchovies. Not being familiar with the life cycle of rain bait, I only have had experience with them in the fall. There was also some squid in their disgorging. We even lucked out as we made the run through the Hole and found B-Bay calm as the north wind had settled. It's always a bonus when you can make that run and not lose a few fillings after a long day of fishing.
Thursday, May 16: Waquoit Bay

Standing Up To The Wind

If there has been one thing that has been consistent over the first five days of my season it has been the wind. It has been moving around to all quadrants, but it has been interesting. Fortunately, it didn't get so bad until the afternoon that it kept John Wilson and his son Zack off the water. I have been finding mornings up inside the bay pretty quiet, but once again the channel saved the day. It was dicey riding the building seas at the entrance, but we managed plenty of schoolies, both on fly and spin. Both of the Wilson's proved to be highly adept at handling east coast fish, even though they hail from Oregon! Just a tip: if you haven't checked the debris screen inside your bilge pump, I recommend you do so. With water flowing over the stern at times, my pump was having trouble keeping up with it and the problem proved to be a solid mat of junk clogging the screen. And I think I will add another pump just to be safe.
Wednesday, May 15: Waquoit Bay/Woods Hole

Much Better

Day two of my opening of Joe Marcus season proved to be more productive as we moved things to the southside. starting in Woods Hole and just outside in Buzzards Bay where we found a few bass feeding under terns. Ultimately, we moved to Waquoit; it was dead inside, but the channel had plenty of schoolies. In one case, as Joe reeled in a small fish, a big'un followed it up and gave us the feeling that bigger things are around the corner. All fish today were taken on bone Hogy's and pearl Zoom Super Flukes.
Tuesday, May 14: Buzzards Bay

This Is May?

Finally managed to get together with Joe Marcus this morning and boy was it cold - upper 30's at 6 AM. Tried all of the usual May spots, but with 49 degree water showing today, it was awfully quiet. Even spent a significant amount of time around Megansett, almost a sure thing this time of year, and came up empty.
Monday, May 13: Waquoit Bay

Learning and Fishing

After meeting up with Richard Sadowski at Barlow's Landing, it was pretty clear that the west wind was going to make for "sporty" conditions out in the bay, so for our first trip together, which was geared towards instruction in the piscatorial arts, I elected to trailer to Waquoit. The calm was inviting and it was great to see how interested Richard was in learning about all things fishing and boating. At this time of year, well, in fact, at any time of the season, you really can't do better than soft plastics, so we rigged a variety of offerings, including Hogy's and Zoom Super Flukes. We had no luck at the bottom of the tide up inside, so we headed to the entrance where Richard's casting was first rate as he placed the Zoom right in against the rocks, where he coaxed a bass to swirl on it. Even though the fish wasn't buttoned up on the first try, Richard was on the money by leaving it in the strike zone, just twitching it and the schoolie inhaled it. Before the wind chased us off the water, as it did the commercial shellfish crew that works Waquoit, Richard added another bass on the Zoom and a bluefish on a bone seven-inch Hogy. We spent some time talking about knot selection before saying good-bye and I look forward to spending more time on the water with Richard, who is, I believe, hooked on fishing. And, yes, I know that's the worst pun in the world!
Sunday, May 12: Woods Hole/Buzzards Bay

A Good Start

Although I had been chomping at the bit due to the solid reports of rapidly improving bass fishing, I had been off the water due to other tasks until today when I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favorite folks, Gerry Fine. The Hole was quiet when we finally hit the water after waiting out the morning rain and fog, but when we ventured out into B-Bay, which was pretty chopped up, there were birds working feverishly over schools of fish. Despite the fact that we were clearly seeing bass, the first fish of the year was a bluefish that Gerry played masterfully on the fly rod, saving the chartreuse Deceiver despite frayed 15-pound tippet. Gerry did pick up a couple of nice, fat schoolies, but the wind continued to pick up and the fish were moving quickly, so we went back into the Hole where we did some "trout" fishing, where Gerry swung a fly through a seam and it was a fish on every cast - a pretty cool end to the day.

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